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A love of reading starts with access to great books.

The CCBC is a not-for-profit that helps Canadian parents, educators, and caretakers foster a lifelong love of reading in children and teens. We’ve been bringing quality Canadian books to young readers for 45 years through our wealth of programs and resources—from book giveaways, to helpful book reviews, and beyond. We also support the creators and publishers who bring these books to life, ensuring a healthy ecosystem of literature for Canadian youth. 

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Reading at school and home allows children to express themselves creatively, develop a strong sense of curiosity, and expand their imagination.

Explore our learning resources for parents and educators.

Canadian books help children explore the cultures and identities that surround them at school, in their communities, and in their own homes.

We work with a diverse group of creators to ensure that every student sees themselves represented in the books they read.

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We’ve been writing our story since 1976:


We’ve given out 12 million books to first grade students.


Canadian Children's Book Week reaches 28,000 youth annually.


Canadian Children's Book News has featured over 8,000 book reviews.


We provide $175,000+ to Canadian creators each year across nine unique awards.

Your support helps us distribute books directly to children, assist creators, and host events across Canada.

Here’s how you can get involved:

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Make a direct donation to help fund the CCBC’s programs and initiatives.

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Purchase a CCBC membership and get access to our magazines and events.

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Arrange a corporate partnership to help Canadian children develop their love for reading.