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CCBC’s Regional Collections

We maintain collections of almost every Canadian children’s book published since 1976—a total of nearly 18,000 titles. This is the most comprehensive collection of English-language Canadian children’s literature. If you’re studying the history of children’s publishing in Canada, or just want to explore an impressive selection of books, these collections are the perfect resource.


We’re striving to preserve Canada’s literary history.

Some of Canada’s most beloved characters grace the pages of the children’s books that line the shelves of the CCBC’s library collections. From a princess who tames dragons in Munsch’s classic feminist tale, to a little girl who knows that “red is best,” young readers have fallen in love with these iconic Canadian characters.

Canadian publishers have produced an extraordinary array of award-winning works for more than four decades. These books have allowed children to read stories that reflect our rich historical mosaic through uniquely Canadian perspectives—perspectives that children can relate to on a deeply personal level.

Written by Canadians from coast to coast to coast, the books in our collections help children understand the world—and all its joys and challenges—through the imaginative power of a good story.

Collections housed in academic institutions are essential resources for students and professionals involved in education and information studies.

Our public library collections support educators working within regional school curriculums, and serve as inspiration for budding children’s writers and illustrators.

Here’s where you’ll find the CCBC’s regional collections:

Photo of the faculty of Education Building at University of British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

Education Library, University of British Columbia

Faculty of Education (Scarfe Building)

2125 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4

Phone: 604-822-8680

Contact: Jennifer Fairchild-Simms

A cityscape photo of downtown Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta

Rutherford Library, University of Alberta

Rutherford North, 2nd Floor

11208 89 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T6G 2J8

Phone: 780-492-7933

Contact: Trish Chatterley

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba

25 Chancellors Circle, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2

Phone: 204-807-5860

Contact: Cody Fullerton

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mount Saint Vincent University Library

166 Bedford Highway, Halifax, NS, B3M 2J6

Phone: 902-457-6403

Contact: Meg Raven

A photo of the exterior of the Hamilton Public Library in Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario (Coming 2023)

Hamilton Public Library


Photo Credit: RDHA

A photo of the exterior of the Toronto Metropolitan University Library

Toronto, Ontario (Coming 2023)

Toronto Metropolitan University Library

The Toronto Metropolitan University requires a pass card to access building on campus. Outside visitors will not be able to access the book collection without making prior arrangements.

How to Visit

You can visit most of our collections without an appointment, although we recommend that you check the library’s website for their protocols and hours of operation.