Adventures in Reading: Book List

by Kirsti Granholm

Who doesn’t love a good adventure story? I know I do! Get inspired by this fun book list of Canadian adventure books.


A Boy from Acadie: Roméo Leblanc’s Journey to Rideau Hall written by Beryl Young, illustrated by Maurice Cormier (Bouton d’or Acadie, 2019) Ages 9 and up

Roméo Leblanc was a Canadian politician, journalist and the 25th Governor General of Canada. A Boy From Acadie outlines a lifetime of accomplishments and struggles faced by Leblanc. From losing his mother at the age of eight, to being the first of his family to surpass grade seven, to eventually attaining one of the highest positions in Canadian politics. This emotional book will make you appreciate Roméo Leblanc’s personal life journey.


Dark of the West (Glass Alliance, Book 1) written by Joanna Hathaway (Tor Teen, 2019)

After Athan’s mother is killed, his father suspects it is Queen of Etania. Athan is then sent on a journey to spy on the Queen and befriend her children. When Athan meets the Queen’s daughter Aurelia, they quickly fall in love. The two lovers are then faced with the decision to be together or to be loyal to their families. This WWII fantasy novel will have you addicted to the Glass Allianceseries by Joanna Hathaway.


Me and You and the Red Canoe written by Jean E. Pendziwol, illustrated by Phil (Groundwood Books, 2017) Ages 6 and up

Me and You and the Red Canoe is a heartwarming picture book inspired by nature. When two siblings take their red canoe out on the water, they immerse themselves in the vast Canadian wild. They spot a moose, grazing along the water and an eagle soaring above their heads. The pair then catch a fish for breakfast and head back to land to cook it up. This book will definitely appeal to all of the outdoor enthusiasts out there!


Murder at the St. Alice written by Becky Citra (Coteau Books, 2018) Ages 13 and up

This spooky thriller by Becky Citra is full of mystery and adventure. The story takes place in 1908. Charlotte O’Dell has moved away from her family to work at the St. Alice Hotel, so she can attend school. While working, she befriends a troubled man named Mr. Doyle. As the story progresses, they become good friends until one day when Charlotte goes to bring Mr. Doyle his tea, she realizes he’s dead. With no suspects in mind, Charlotte is determined to find out what happened to her new friend so she is not blamed for the murder. This intense novel will keep you flipping through the pages!


The Invisible Garden written by Valérie Picard, illustrated by Marianne Ferrer (Orca Book Publishers, 2019) Ages 3 and up

The Invisible Garden is a simple yet enchanting story of a young girl named Arianne who falls asleep in her grandmother’s garden. While dreaming, she becomes tiny and goes on an exciting journey through the garden. She admires the grasshoppers and reaches the very top of a mountain. Arianne’s imagination takes her on an incredible journey until she is awakened to find herself pleasantly rested in the garden. This book is paired with intricate illustrations that make it a very enjoyable read.


The Journey of Little Charlie written by Christopher Paul Curtis (Scholastic Press, 2018) Ages 9 and up

In this novel, 12-year-old Charlie is faced with a daunting moral decision. After learning that his father is in debt to Cap’n Buck, he is forced to join him on a journey to Detroit. Charlie is happy that his father’s debt will be taken care of until he learns of the reasoning for Cap’n Buck’s journey. He is searching for freed slaves who he believes have stolen from him and at this moment Charlie knows he must make a very tough decision. The Journey of Little Charlie is emotional and full of twists and turns. Highly recommended!


The Not-So Great Outdoors written and illustrated by Madeline Kloepper (Tundra Books, 2019) Ages 3 and up

The Not-So Great Outdoors will make you want to head straight to the woods! A young girl is headed on a camping trip with her family, which sounds great to most, except she does not want to go. Dreading leaving the city, the young girl is very grumpy and unpleasant. Until she finally gives nature a chance. Soon the girl is marveling at all of the wonders to be found in the woods; lakes, mountains, bears, and beavers. Finally, her trip takes a turn for the better and she learns to appreciate what the outdoors have to offer. This lively book will have you looking forward to your end of summer outdoor adventures.


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