Weekend Dad

Weekend Dad
written by Naseem Hrab
illustrated by Frank Viva
Groundwood Books, 2020
978-1-7730-6108-5 (hc) $18.95

Picture Book | Family | Marriage and Divorce | Father-Son Relationships

Weekend Dad is a story of a young boy whose Dad has just moved out to an apartment across town. After a bus ride with Dad, they spend the weekend at the new home. The boy learns about living in two different homes while also learning what it is to be in two families. Despite missing Mom when at Dad’s and a very different new bedroom, dinner is still dinner and Sundays are still Sundays. Change is difficult but family will always be family.

This story is very relevant for many young people growing up and into separate homes. Despite the undeniable truth that this story shows the hardships of this new family life, it also shows us the undeniable bond children have with their parents. As a single father of a young child, seeing a small family, like my own, presented in a way that shows a life that isn’t perfect but is filled with love, was familiar to me but also one not seen in stories I read with my daughter.

Cleverly written with quirky and cute illustrations Weekend Dad is an enjoyable read with an honest and uplifting message.

Patrick Hunter is an Educational Assistant at a Barrie high school, a professional musician and father of seven-year-old Olivia. 

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