Swift Fox All Along

Swift Fox All Along
written by Rebecca Thomas
illustrated by Maya McKibbin
Annick Press, 2020
978-1-7732-1448-1 (hc) $21.95
Preschool to Grade 1

Picture Book / Indigenous / Mi’kmaq / Identity

Swift Fox is going with her father to meet some of her family for the first time. He tells her not to worry, that she will learn how to be Mi’kmaq. Despite her father’s assurances, her belly is full of butterflies at the thought of it all. Although some aspects of her family’s culture and customs are unknown to her, she discovers that she does have a warm familiarity with some things. When her cousin comes to visit, she knows she is not alone and she is even able to help him learn what it means to be Mi’kmaq. Rebecca Thomas does a wonderful job gently highlighting the complexity of identity, particularly for children who grow up away from their culture.

Maya McKibbin’s colourful illustrations help bring the story to life. She presents the characters’ emotions through facial and body expressions and through the artwork of the butterflies, at first signifying apprehension, then acceptance and empowerment.

Accessible to all readers, Swift Fox All Along celebrates learning more about who you are and being proud of your identity. Highly recommended for home, school and public libraries.

Colette Poitras is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta, holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and is the Manager of the Indigenous Public Outreach for Public Library Services Branch, Alberta.

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