Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book Award


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Canadian Library Association



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Carmelita Cechetto-Shea, Chair
Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board

This award recognizes an author of an outstanding English language Canadian book which appeals to young adults between the ages of 13 and 18. To be eligible for consideration, the following must apply: it must be a work of fiction (novel, collection of short stories, or graphic novel) published in the previous calendar year, the title must be a Canadian publication in either hardcover or paperback, and the author must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. The award is given annually, when merited, at the Canadian Library Association’s annual conference. The winner will receive a plaque and a cheque for $ 1000. The award was established in in 1980 by the Young Adult Caucus of the Saskatchewan Library Association. The award is generously sponsored by Library Services Centre.


Yearsort icon Detail Recipient
2015 Mariko Tamaki, This One Summer. Illustrated by Jillian Tamaki. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2014.
2014 Karen Bass, Graffiti Knight. Toronto: Pajama Press, 2013.
2013 Martine Leavitt, My Book of Life by Angel. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2012.
2012 Catherine Austen, All Good Children. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, 2011.
2011 Kenneth Oppel, Half Brother. Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, 2010.
2010 Lesley Livingston, Wondrous Strange. Toronto: HarperTrophyCanada, 2009.
2009 Allan Stratton, Chanda’s Wars. Toronto: HarperTrophyCanada, 2008.
2008 Martha Brooks, Mistik Lake. Toronto: Groundwooda Books, 2007.
2007 William Bell, The Blue Helmet. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 2006.
2006 Shyam Selvadurai, Swimming in the Monsoon Sea. Toronto: Tundra Books, 2005.
2005 Miriam Toews, A Complicated Kindness. Toronto: Alfred A. Knopf Canada, 2004.
2004 Polly Horvath, The Canning Season. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2003.
2003 Martha Brooks, True Confessions of a Heartless Girl. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2002.
2002 William Bell, Stones. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 2001.
2001 Beth Goobie, Before Wings. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, 2000.
2000 Katherine Holubitsky, Alone at Ninety Foot. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, 1999.
1999 Gayle Friesen, Janey’s Girl. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1998.
1998 Martha Brooks, Bone Dance. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1997.
1997 R. P. MacIntyre (Editor), Takes: Stories for Young Adults. Saskatoon: Thistledown Press, 1996.
1996 Tim Wynne-Jones, The Maestro. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1995.
1995 Julie Johnston, Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me. Toronto: Lester Publishing, 1994.
1994 Sean Stewart, Nobody’s Son. Toronto: Maxwell Macmillan Canada, 1993.
1993 Karleen Bradford, There Will Be Wolves. Toronto: HarperCollins, 1992.
1992 Susan Lynn Reynolds, Strandia. Toronto: HarperCollins, 1991.
1991 Budge Wilson, The Leaving. Toronto: House of Anansi Press, 1990.
1990 Diana Wieler, Bad Boy. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1989.
1989 Helen Fogwell Porter, January, February, June or July. St. John’s: Breakwater Books, 1988.
1988 Margaret Buffie, Who is Frances Rain? Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1987.
1987 Janet Lunn, Shadow in Hawthorn Bay. Toronto: Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1986.
1986 Marianne Brandis, The Quarter Pie Window. Erin, ON: The Porcupine’s Quill, 1985.
1985 Mary Ellen Lang-Collura, Winners. Saskatoon: Western Producer Prairie Books, 1984.
1984 O.R. Melling, The Druid’s Tune. Toronto: Penguin Books, 1983.
1983 Monica Hughes, Hunter in the Dark. Toronto: Clarke, Irwin, 1982.
1982 Jamie Brown, Superbike! Toronto: Clarke, Irwin, 1981.
1981 Kevin Major, Far From Shore. Toronto: Clark, Irwin, 1980.