Read Your Way Across Canada!

All summer we’re reading our way across Canada, one book at a time. It’s our ultimate road trip, no driver’s license required (but a library card would help.) See where we are and feel free to follow along with us- use the hashtag #RoadTripReadingClub to let us know how you’re doing.

Be sure to check out our Road Trip Reading page for more book recommendations and activities!


All summer we’re reading our way across Canada and our first stop is Newfoundland! Newfoundland has its own timezone, its own dog breed and the capital city, St. John’s, is the oldest city in North America. Here are three books we recommend to get to know The Rock better. Read more here.

Prince Edward Island

All summer we’re reading our way across Canada and our second stop is Prince Edward Island! PEI is Canada’s smallest province, the birthplace of confederation and home to red sand and a certain red-headed orphan. Here are two books we recommend to get to know PEI better. Read more here.

Cape Breton

All summer we’re reading our way across Canada and the next stop is Cape Breton! One-fifth of Nova Scotia’s population live on Cape Breton island. Here are two books we recommend to get to know Cape Breton better.  Read more here.


Did you know that one in every five Canadians is related to someone who passed through Halifax’s Pier 21? Or that Halifax is closer to Dublin than it is to Victoria? Get to know more about the capital of Nova Scotia with these books! Read more here.

New Brunswick

All summer we’re reading our way across Canada and we’ve made it to New Brunswick! New Brunswick is home to the highest tides in the world, the world’s largest lobster and these great books! Read more here.


Our #RoadTripReadingClub is in Quebec! Did you know that over 95% of Quebecois speak French and more than 40% speak both of Canada’s official langues? Or that Quebec is home to the only walled city in Canada, Quebec City? Quebec  also produces the most maple syrup of any of the other provinces in Canada.  Read more here.


Our #RoadTripReadingClub is now in Toronto, the most diverse city in the world! Toronto is home to world renowned universities, a major film festival, 7 major league sports teams and, most importantly, the Book Centre! Here are the books we recommend about our home. Read more here.


After our Toronto stop,  the #RoadTripReadingClub is spending a little more time getting to know the rest of Ontario. Ontario is the second largest province and is larger than Spain and France combined. Wow! It’s home to Niagara Falls, Canada’s capital, and, of course, the Book Centre! Read more here.


Our #RoadTripReadingClub has made it to the Prairies! We’re in Manitoba, which has seen both the highest temperatures in Canada and the lowest. It’s also home to the largest denning site for polar bears and one of the top places in the world to see the Northern Lights—wow! Read more here.


August is here and the #RoadTripReadingClub is getting to know Saskatchewan! Did you know that the first debit purchase in all of Canada was made in Saskatchewan? Or that Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe, was born there? Read on for your reading list all about the “Land of the Living Skies.” Read more here.


Our #RoadTripReadingClub has made it to Alberta! Did you know that St. Paul, Alberta has a UFO landing pad? Or that the Calgary Stampede is the world’s largest outdoor festival? Or that the town of Medicine Hat has completely eliminated homelessness? Read on to learn more about the Texas of the North! Read more here.

British Columbia

Wow! Our #RoadTripReadingClub has officially made it across Canada all the way to BC! Its motto “Splendour without Diminishment” couldn’t be more true about a province with so much natural beauty. It’s home to the cycling capital of Canada (Victoria), the bathtub racing capital of the world (Nanaimo) and the world’s first All-Whales-All-The-Time radio station, Orca FM. Pick up one of these books to immerse yourself in beautiful BC!  Read more here.


It’s Territories time! Our #RoadTripReadingClub is getting to know the Yukon, where it can snow all year round! Yukon has roughly the same population it did in 1900, while other provinces definitely can’t say the same. It’s home to the world’s smallest desert, Canada’s highest mountain and is the only province or territory in Canada to change its capital city (from Dawson City to Whitehorse in 1953). Wow! Read more here.

The Northwest Territories

It’s time for the Northwest Territories, where the Northern Lights are visible 250 days a year! Up until last year there was just one Tim Horton’s in Yellowknife and it was the most profitable coffee shop in the world! Yellowknife is just over 3,000 kilometres from the North Pole. Read more here.


Our #RoadTripReadingClub is making its last stop in Nunavut after starting in Newfoundland in June. We made it all the way across Canada! It’s fitting for Nunavut to be last, since Nunavut didn’t become a territory of Canada until April 1st, 1999. Did you know that the capital of Nunavut is Iqaluit, Canada’s smallest capital by population (7,740 in 2016)? The territory has just 32km of paved road — to get around, locals fly, use snow mobiles or boats in the warmer months. Read more here.