The Landing: 10th Anniversary Edition



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The Landing: 10th Anniversary Edition
Written by John Ibbitson
Kids Can Press, 2018
ISBN 978-1-5253-0025-7
Ages 12-14

: Z
: MG

Will Ben ever escape the Landing? The hardscrabble farm on the shores of Lake Muskoka can’t generate a living, so Ben’s Uncle Henry sells goods and gas to cottagers from the dock known as Cooks Landing. It had never been much of a living and since the Depression hit, it’s even less. Ben’s thinking a lot these days, and it’s making him miserable. He’s thinking about how unfair it is that his uncle only cares about work. He’s thinking about what he really wants to do: play the violin. These days, he’s lucky to snatch the odd bit of practice between chores, playing to the chickens in the henhouse. A new job fixing up the grand old cottage on nearby Pine Island seems at first to be just one more thing to keep Ben away from his violin. After he meets the island’s owner, Ben changes his mind. Ruth Chapman is a cultured and wealthy woman from New York who introduces Ben to an unfamiliar, liberating world. After Ben plays violin for Ruth and her admiring friends, it only makes him more desperate to flee. Then, during a stormy night on Lake Muskoka, everything changes.

Proceeds from this 10th Anniversary edition support the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.

Reviews & Accolades

Winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award and the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People.

The Landing is geared toward young adults, but just as easily belongs to the Canadian coming-of-age genre occupied by the likes of Alice Munro and Margaret Laurence.” — The Globe and Mail

John Ibbitson’s writing, spare and  powerful throughout, soars when he captures the power of music. — Canadian Children’s Book News

This novel, like Lake Muskoka, is deep. Character-driven, suspenseful, and historically accurate, it is both realistic and symbolic. In this respect, it is like The Great Gatsby, in which Gatsby, a vivid, complex personality, represents the American dream, and Jack London’s The Call of the Wild, in which Buck, a realistic German Shepherd, represents the working class. — CM Magazine




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