The Mouse-City Summit Gathers Urbanists, Authors … And Tots!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Toronto, Nov 5, 2011) – From Stuart Little to An American Tail, a mainstay of children’s stories is mice cobbling together dwellings for themselves out of items built for human homes. What would an entire city created for fictional mice look like?

The Mouse-City Summit will address this timely issue by gathering together urban planners between 2-8 years old from all across the city to conceive, create and construct a “Mouse-City” out of recycled household materials.

To get an idea of the often amazing ways in which human possessions can be repurposed by mice to build homes, Natalie Kertes will read Phoebe Gilman’s beloved tale Something From Nothing (Scholastic Canada).

Are the two most important issues for picture-book critters, food and more food? Montreal-based author and illustrator Roslyn Schwartz, creator of the wildly popular The Mole Sisters, will launch her new series about a pair of ravenous rodents, The Vole Brothers (Owlkids).

What structures need to be in place to make Mouse-City a sustainable enterprise? Matthew Blackett, Publisher of Spacing Magazine, will give us some tips and read the classic fable City Mouse / Country Mouse.

After reviewing the key literature, budding city builders will put their dreams into action, with zoning advice from Blackett and Hamutal Dotan, Editor-in-Chief of, as well as construction advice from Lisa Kelly, Artistic Director of The Centre For Art And Soul.

Who knows? Maybe kids can teach the grown-ups at City Hall a thing or two about designing a city fit for creatures big and small.

Mouse-City Summit books will be available from Mabel’s Fables.

Small Print Toronto presents THE MOUSE-CITY SUMMIT
Sunday November 20 – 10am (Doors 9:30am)
Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, 1214 Queen St West
$10 Adults / $5 Kids / Non-Walkers Ride Free
Advance Tickets are available at


Chris Reed, Co-Director
Small Print Toronto
(416) 779-7333