TD Canadian Children’s Book Week 2019 Announcement

We are excited to announce the touring creators for TD Canadian Children’s Book Week 2019! Below are the 30 authors, storytellers and illustrators who will travel outside of their home province to visit classrooms, libraries and community centres from May 4 to 11, 2019. Congratulations to all those selected!

The theme for the 2019 TD Canadian Children’s Book Week is Readers are Dreamers and the poster for the theme will be done by the incredibly talented Elly MacKay. Elly was a part of 2018 Book Week, touring in Prince Edward Island. She is an award winning picture book maker and is the author and illustrator of books such as Butterfly Park, Red Sky at Night and If You Hold a Seed. We are big fans of Elly’s books and are looking forward to the beautiful poster she’ll make using her paper art style.

The touring creators for 2019 are:

Alison Acheson, author
Vancouver, BC

Ashley Barron, author/illustrator
Toronto, ON

Helaine Becker, author
Toronto, ON

Shelly Becker, author
Toronto, ON

Beverley Brenna, author
Saskatoon, SK

Kristin Butcher, author
Campbell River  BC

Jodi Carmichael, author
Winnipeg, MB

Marty Chan, author
Edmonton, AB

Tony Cliff, author/illustrator
Vancouver, BC

Emma FitzGerald, author/illustrator
Halifax, NS

Lee Edward Födi, author/illustrator
Vancouver, BC

Manon Gauthier, illustrator
Montreal, QC

Kallie George, author
Vancouver, BC

Sara Gillingham, author/illustrator
Vancouver, BC

Jacqueline Guest, author
Bragg Creek, AB

Nadia Hohn, author
Toronto, ON

Polly Horvath, author
Victoria, BC

Naseem Hrab, author
Toronto, ON

Bernice Hune, storyteller
Toronto, ON

Leigh-Anne Kehlr, storyteller
Winnipeg, MB

Brooke Kerrigan, illustrator
Tiny, ON

Tanya Kyi, author
Vancouver, BC

Sara Leach, author
Whistler, BC

Wendy McLeod MacKnight, author
Hanwell, NB

Michelle Mulder, author
Victoria, BC

Rachel Muller, storyteller
Ladysmith, BC

Susin Nielsen, author
Vancouver, BC

Nancy Rose, author/illustrator
Bedford, NS

Heather Smith, author
Waterloo, ON

Patrick Weekes, author
Edmonton, AB