Support Canadian Children’s Books by Becoming a Member of the CCBC

by Kirsti Granholm

This May, the Canadian Children’s Book Centre wants to get the word out about the importance of membership through our month-long Membership Month campaign. In the 43 years since we were established, we have worked to fulfill our mandate of raising awareness of Canadian children’s books, but we rely on membership to help us to achieve that goal.

In 1976, the CCBC was founded by Irma McDonough Milnes, a children’s librarian. Since the beginning, the CCBC has made it our mission to support authors, illustrators, publishers and young readers in Canada. Fast-forward to today, and the CCBC has given out over 9.5 million books to children all across Canada since 2000! Thanks to your loyalty and support throughout the years, the CCBC has been able to continue to create opportunities for writers and readers in every province.

As you may know, the CCBC offers a membership program for supporters of the organization and lovers of Canadian literature. All memberships include an edition of our quarterly magazine, Canadian Children Book News. The magazine reviews a wide range of topics in literature, from social justice in YA novels to profiles of Canadas’ top writers and illustrators. Memberships also include a copy Best Books for Teens & Kids, our semi-annual selection guide to the best Canadian children’s books. If you’re wondering what books are appropriate for your children or students, this magazine will provide you with high-quality all-Canadian suggestions.

CCBC members are invited to our Annual General Meeting each June. During these meetings, we update members on what the CCBC has accomplished over the past year. Following the meeting,  a reception is held that everyone is welcome to attend. This year’s event will be held on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 40 Orchard View Boulevard, Room 224, Toronto, ON. The CCBC membership program provides you with many wonderful benefits, but most importantly you are supporting Canadian authors, illustrators and publishers, as well as aspiring creators. The money from your memberships and donations goes to supporting literary-based initiatives from the most northern communities in Nunavut down to the coast of Nova Scotia.

Get involved with the CCBC today to continue to support Canadian literature. Your contributions are always greatly appreciated by the CCBC and young readers all across the country.