SFU Publishing Workshops

Originally occurring throughout the summer, the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Publishing Workshops are now taking place throughout the year. SFU we will continue to offer the highest quality, timely and relevant workshops about all things publishing. A list of upcoming workshops is listed below.

Digital Publishing 101 – November 19th!
Wrestling with the morass of standards, technologies, and “acronym soup” of the digital publishing world? Here is a one-day primer for publishers who want to understand the range of digital options open to them. We will introduce a range of topics, provide examples and demos where possible, and then focus on your own contexts: how to take these technologies home and implement them effectively. To find out more or to register, click here.

Getting Published – November 26th and February 25th!
The road to being ready to present to an agent or a publisher is filled with bumps and blind curves.If you are working on a manuscript and looking to land a publishing contract, this workshop will help prepare you for the negotiations that lie ahead. Learn how to pitch your manuscript to agents or publishers, what they want and expect from authors, what key concerns inform their decision-making, what you can expect to get for your work, where the pitfalls lie, and how to avoid them. To find out more or to register, click here.

Social Media for Authors – November 26th!
Authors know they need to use social media to promote their work but many are baffled by how to do it. With social media tools, authors have a cost effective way to build a community around their readers. That community is of tremendous value for every book a writer publishes. In this one-day intensive, author, speaker and social media trainer Angela Crocker will guide you through the labyrinth of social networking. To find out more or to register, click here.

Advanced Social Media Techniques – February 11th!
Creating Facebook and Twitter accounts is not enough, authors, illustrators and other expert entrepreneurs must commit to sharing and interacting with their online communities. Often, social media training ends with the how-tos of hashtags and status updates but you can’t stop there. To find out more or to register, click here.