Road Trip Reading: Saskatchewan!

August is here and the #RoadTripReadingClub is getting to know Saskatchewan! Did you know that the first debit purchase in all of Canada was made in Saskatchewan? Or that Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe, was born there? Read on for your reading list all about the “Land of the Living Skies.”


I’ll Be Watching by Pamela Porter (Groundwood Books, 2011) Ages 12 and up

Living in the small prairie town of Argue, Saskatchewan, during the Depression, the Loney children are barely getting by. Their father can usually be found at the bar, and their stepmother is pious and bitter. Left to fend for themselves, they find a way to survive with the help of some unexpected allies, including a couple of watchful ghosts.

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A Prairie as Wide as the Sea: The Immigrant Diary of Ivy Weatherall by Sarah Ellis (Scholastic Canada, 2001) Ages 8-12

Ivy Weatherall and her family leave a comfortable life in London for the promised riches of Canada’s expanding West. Expecting to make their fortunes on Uncle Alf’s ranch, the Weatheralls are shocked to find themselves living in a sod hut on a rented farm. Ivy is determined to taste life to the fullest, whatever hardships she may encounter. Writing in her diary, she recounts learning the new skills expected of a young farm girl. She struggles to help the family survive, but ultimately learns that responsibility brings its rewards.

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I Know Here by Laurel Croza, illustrated by Matt James (Groundwood Books, 2013)
Ages 4-7

The little girl in this story lives in a trailer near a forest in Saskatchewan, where her father is building a dam. She knows and loves everything about the place, but the dam is nearly finished, and when summer comes the family will move to Toronto – a city marked by a big red star on the map at school. “Have the people in Toronto seen what I’ve seen?” the little girl asks, thinking of her road, her school, the forest where she plays hide-and-seek and where the wolf howls at night, the hill where she goes tobogganing in winter? And with her teacher’s help, she finds a way to keep everything she loves about home. This simple, beautifully written story, complemented by Matt James’s vibrant, imaginative illustrations, will resonate deeply with anyone who has had to leave their home for a new place

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Stay tuned for our next stop, Alberta!