Road Trip Reading: Prince Edward Island!

All summer we’re reading our way across Canada and our second stop is Prince Edward Island! PEI is Canada’s smallest province, the birthplace of confederation and home to red sand and a certain red-headed orphan. Here are two books we recommend to get to know PEI better.


Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery (Orca Book Publishers, 2014)
Grades 5 and up / Ages 10 and up

In the years since she arrived at Green Gables, Anne has earned the love and respect of the people of Avonlea–as well as a reputation for getting herself into predicaments. Now sixteen years old–and bound and determined to look after Marilla in the wake of Matthew’s death–she’s about to begin her job as the town’s new schoolteacher. Soon enough she is the one learning lessons, however, as she starts to realize how complicated life can be. In her usual well-intentioned but meddlesome way, Anne is quickly interfering in a new friend’s thwarted romance, coping with two new orphans at Green Gables, and getting drawn into the lives of her mostly charming and occasionally exasperating students at Avonlea school.

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Island Morning by Rachna Gilmore, illustrated by Brenda Jones (The Acorn Press, 2015)
Ages 4-7 / Kindergarten-Grade 2

A girl and her grandfather take an early morning walk through the fields of Prince Edward Island. On their journey, they see gentle pastures, farm animals, scenic vistas and a glorious sunrise. This is a story about the special bond between grandfather and granddaughter, and how they see the world through each other’s eyes.

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Stay tuned for our next stop, Cape Breton!