Road Trip Reading: Nunavut!

Our #RoadTripReadingClub is making its last stop in Nunavut after starting in Newfoundland in June. We made it all the way across Canada! It’s fitting for Nunavut to be last, since Nunavut didn’t become a territory of Canada until April 1st, 1999. Did you know that the capital of Nunavut is Iqaluit, Canada’s smallest capital by population (7,740 in 2016)? The territory has just 32km of paved road to get around, locals fly, use snow mobiles or boats in the warmer months.

Nunavut is also home to Inhabit Media, the publishing company that all of the following books are from!

Those Who Run in the Sky by Aviaq Jonhston, illustrated by Toma Feizo Gas (Inhabit Media, 2017) Ages 12 and up

A strange and violent blizzard leaves Pitu, a young shaman, stranded on the sea ice in the world of the spirits, a world populated with terrifying creatures. When he finds a fellow shaman, trapped for years in the spirit world, Pitu must muster all of his shamanic powers to return them to the world of the living.

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Akuluk is not excited about visiting her grandparents in Nunavut; she would rather head south for summer vacation. But after eating wild duck eggs for breakfast, Akuluk wants to travel out on the land with her grandparents to collect more wild eggs. She learns about the different types of eggs and how to collect them properly. Now, Akuluk can’t wait for more Arctic adventures!

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The Country of Wolves retold by Neil Christopher, illustrated by Ramón Pérez with additional work by Daniel Gies (Inhabit Media, 2015) Ages 12 and up

Based on the acclaimed animated film Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolves, and adapted from a centuries-old traditional Inuit folktale, this visually stunning graphic novel takes readers on a mysterious adventure with two brothers who become lost on the sea ice. It begins as an average hunting trip for two young men, but when they find themselves lost, the only safe haven to be found for miles — a mysterious village filled with the sounds of drum dancing and revelry — turns out to be even more dangerous than the frigid ocean.

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