Road Trip Reading: Cape Breton!

All summer we’re reading our way across Canada and the next stop is Cape Breton! One-fifth of Nova Scotia’s population live on Cape Breton island. Here are two books we recommend to get to know Cape Breton better.


Way To Go by Tom Ryan (Orca Book Publishers, 2012) Grades 7 and up / Ages 12 and up

Danny thinks he must be the only 17-year-old guy in Cape Breton—in Nova Scotia, maybe—who doesn’t have his life figured out. His buddy Kierce has a rule for every occasion, and his best friend Jay has bad grades, no plans and no worries. Danny’s dad nags him about his post-high school plans, his friends bug him about girls and a run-in with the cops means he has to get a summer job. Worst of all, he’s keeping a secret that could ruin everything.

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Town is by the Sea by Joanne Schwartz, illustrated by Sydney Smith (Groundwood Books, 2017)
Ages 5-11 / Grade 2

In this poignant picture book, a young boy wakes up one sunny morning to the sound of the sea. He calls on a friend, visits his grandfather’s grave and goes to the store, but all the while his mind strays to his father digging for coal deep under the sea. One day, it will be his turn. He is a miner’s son.

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Stay tuned for our next stop, Halifax!