Poetry Conference at the International Youth Library (IYL) in Munich

From June 25 to June 27, 2009, the International Youth Library is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Venerable yet eternally youthful, this unique library for international children’s and youth literature is getting ready to move into the future. Children’s poetry as the embodiment of a love of words and imagery – timeless, light, and fresh – will take centre stage at the anniversary celebrations. An international authors’ and illustrators’ forum, as well as an exhibition and a large party for families will all be devoted to poetry for young people. The official opening ceremony will begin at 11am on June 25th, followed by a reception.

During the two-day international forum, writers, illustrators, publishers, literary critics, and specialists will discuss the importance and the enduring quality of children’s poems and the challenge of illustrating them. The aim of the conference will be to present different variants of current children’s poetry, to become acquainted with several approaches and perspectives, and to analyse the interaction between text and illustration. In addition to the talks, a kaleidoscope of poems and images will be presented to the audience.

The first day of the forum will mainly address the texts themselves, the power of poetic language, and the importance of classical and modern poems for children. On the second day, illustrators and poets will discuss the question of how figurative language can be transferred into visual images.

Conference fee (including meals and coffee breaks): 120.- Euros / students: 60.- Euros

For more information or to register, please contact direktion@ijb.de or visit www.ijb.de.