It’s All a Mystery: Reading List

by Kirsti Granholm

Who doesn’t love a good mystery book? Whether you’re looking for a quick and simple read for your younger children or a jaw-dropping, twisting tale for your teen, Canadian writer’s have done it, and they have done it well! Check out some of our favourite recent mystery books by Canadian authors.


Along the Indigo written by Elise Chapman (Amulet Books, 2018) Ages 13 and up

Marsden Eldridge has had a very difficult life; she has grown up in a brothel, working as a cook. The only thing she wants to do is get her and her sister out of her hometown of Glory. It won’t be easy though; Marsden knows she will have to do a few shady jobs to save up enough money to move. Soon enough, Mars meets Jude, and together they form an unbreakable relationship that leads them to uncover their families’ dark, twisted past. If you’re looking for a strange YA mystery, this book will definitely keep you on your toes.


Frank by written Ben Rankel (Renegade Arts Entertainment, 2018) Ages 15 and up

Frank is a clever murder mystery based on the Frank Slide in Alberta in 1903. Rankel takes readers back in time, introducing them to a woman named Eve Lee. She had recently moved to Frank, eager to start a new life. Everything was going just fine until the disaster struck. Eve’s lover disappears during the Frank Slide, but wonders, was it plotted? Pick up this graphic novel today to find out!


Nothing Happens in This Book 
written by Judy Ann Sadler, illustrated by Vigg (Kids Can Press, 2018) Ages 4 and up

Nothing Happens in This Book is a witty picture book mystery. At first, readers are advised to not read the book, warning that it will be quite boring. As readers continue through the story, you realize that there is in fact a mystery going on. A bouncing ball, a lone shoe, who does it all belong to? This cute and entertaining mystery is perfect for young readers.


Phantom of Fire (A Dylan Maple Adventure, Book 5) written by Shane Peacock (Nimbus Publishing, 2019) Ages 12 and up

Phantom of Fireis the fifth book in the Dylan Maple Adventure series. In this adventure tale, Dylan had a rough year and his parents, worrying about his well-being, take him on a family trip to New Brunswick. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty bland trip until he meets a girl named Antonine. Together they witness the famous burning ghost ship in the Bay de Chaleur. Finally, Dylan’s trip begins to look a bit more interesting. Will the two be able to figure out what happened on the water that night, or will the secret be kept forever?


The Disappearing Boy written by Sonia Tilson (Nimbus Publishing, 2017) Ages 10 and up

Neil has no idea who his father is and his mother refuses to tell him. Neil quickly begins to fixate on finding the answer to this mystery man. As the story progresses, Neil begins to put together the pieces of his family’s history, and he learns that things aren’t quite as they seem. Hoping to learn more, he sets off on a cross Canada adventure to Saint John, New Brunswick. Neil believes his mother’s father owns a horse stable on the east coast, and finding him could mean finding the answers he has been searching for. Once he arrives, Neil is thrown into another whirlwind of an adventure of acceptance and forgiveness.


The Frame-Up written by Wendy McLeod MacKnight (Greenwillow Books, 2018) Ages 9 and up

There is one rule at Beaverbrook Gallery and that is that you cannot tell anyone that the paintings are alive, and there is a whole world that exists within the paintings. When Sargent Singer, the son of the gallery owner, discovers the world within the art, he knows much is at stake. He meets 13-year-old Mona Dunn, who teaches him about her secret world. When the pair discover an art heist is suspected to happen in the future, they know they must act fast to save the gallery, as real lives are at stake!


You Owe Me a Murder written by Elieen Cook (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019) Ages 13 and up

Kim is on her way to London, England for a high school trip. She signed up for the trip with her ex-boyfriend Connor, who is now bringing his new girlfriend along. Kim is bitter and cannot stand the sight of the two love birds.

While at the airport awaiting her flight, Kim meets a girl named Nicki. Nicki is ruthless and cool and Kim desperately admires her. The two girls sit together on the plane and share their stories. Of course Kim tells Nicki about her ex-boyfriend, and says she wishes he was dead and Nicki happens to say the same about her own mother. The two jokingly discuss killing off one another’s enemy. It all seems like a joke until Connor winds up dead in the UK. Now Kim is faced with an aching anxiety. Will she tell someone about Nicki? Or will she be framed for the murder?


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