Happy 180th Birthday, Toronto!

March 6, 2014 marks the 180th birthday of Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Celebrate in your classroom or library with Claire Mackay’s The Toronto Story, published by Annick Press.

This is the story of a city and how it grew from an unknown and sparsely populated place to the sprawling, colourful metropolis that more than three million people call home.

In a warm, witty, and engaging style, award-winning author Claire Mackay brings to life the people and events that shaped Toronto. From William Lyon Mackenzie and the Farmers’ Rebellion of 1837 to the founding of the first Sick Children’s Hospital, key episodes in Toronto’s history are described in vivid detail, including the two fires that destroyed downtown, and what life in the city was like during WWII. A final chapter looks at the city today and its prospects for the future.

Beautifully illustrated, with numerous sidebars highlighting intriguing facts, The Toronto Story also has a timeline, an index, and an annotated bibliography.