Hackmatack Announces the Winners of the 2013 Awards

The winners of the Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award 2013 were announced at a ceremony on Friday, May 10 at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Catherine Austen, author of 26 Tips for Surviving Grade 6, was the winner in the English fiction category. Tanya Lloyd Kyi received the English non-fiction award for her book 50 Poisonous Questions. The winner of the French fiction category was Arianne Gagnon-Roy for Le mystère de Blandy-les-tours. Maxim Cyr and Karine Gottot received the award in French non-fiction for their book Les bleues de New York.

26 Tips for Surviving Grade 6 is a book of five hilarious interconnected stories about the trials and tribulations of 6th grade. Author Catherine Austen was initially inspired by a friendship in her son’s life, but added some purely fictitious bits, some bits from lives she’d “spied on”, and some embarrassing bits from her own youth.

50 Poisonous Question is filled with foul facts and events from World War II gas attacks to mineral-wielding murderers, cone snails that stab with poisonous teeth to killer bees. Tanya Lloyd Kyi has written both fiction and nonfiction for middle grade and young adult readers, and her interests include science and social issues.

Le mystère de Blandy-les-tours is a book about a teen who’s just lost her mother. She can still perceive her presence, hear her voice and smell her perfume. It’s a mystery but with the help of her best friend Artur, she will find out what is happening. Before her first year of university, Arianne Gagnon-Roy did not believe she could write 150 pages but it happened almost magically…

Les Bleues de New York is a book of gags, games, jokes and quite a bit of information thrown in about New York. The “Dragouilles” show you New York their own way. Learn about the immense Toy store that has been enchanting children for more than a century, visit the Statue of Liberty, learn all kinds of facts about the Empire State Building, stroll in Central Park, visit its zoo and watch a concert. After that, you too will be able to say: « I love NY »! For Karine Gottot, when she addresses young people, although the message is important, so is the delivery. Maxime Cyr gives a lot of time to the creation of his characters.

The Hackmatack Award ceremony was the culmination of this year’s award week during which 18 of the nominated Canadian authors visited participating schools and libraries in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and the Prince Edward Island. Thousands of children from grades 4 to 6 participated this year by reading the 40 nominated books and voting for their favourites.

To see the new nominated books for the 2013/2014 Hackmatack Award and to get more information about the award program, check out our website at www.hackmatack.ca

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