Your Father’s Day Reading List

by Kirsti Granholm

What will you be doing to celebrate your father, grandfather, uncles, cousins and guardians this Father’s Day? At the CCBC, we think the best way to celebrate is to cozy-up with a Canadian book. Take a look at the list of books we put together to check out this Father’s Day!


Great Job, Dad!
by Holman Wang (Tundra Books, 2019) Ages 3-7

Is your dad, grandfather, uncle or guardian a jack-of-all-trades? Celebrate the men who do the most this Father’s Day with Great Job, Dad! Holman Wang does a wonderful job highlighting all of the challenges dads are willing to take on. Along with that, the artwork in the book is so unique and hilariously relatable. This book is the perfect way to say thank you to the special men in your life.

“Dad does one job to pay the bills, the others out of love.”


Always with You by Eric Walters, illustrated by Carloe Liu (Nimbus Publishing, 2019) Ages 5-10

Are you missing someone this Father’s Day? Always with You is the perfect story to share with someone who is thinking of a lost loved one this weekend. Together, Walters and Liu bring you on an emotional journey of love, loss and acceptance through the perspective of a girl named Emily. Emily misses her beloved grandfather dearly, but she knows that he is always with her, on her best and her worst days.

Always with You will have you thankful for all of the precious moments spent with the men in your life, so check it out this Father’s Day.


A Plan for Pops by Heather Smith, illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan (Orca Book Publishers, 2019) Ages 5-10

A Plan for Pops is a wonderful picture book that should be on your must-read list for any day of the year. The special connection between Pops, Grandad and Lou is precious. While the trio all seem to be complete opposites in their interests, they balance each other out and learn from each other in the process. No matter what challenges life poses on them, they all know they can rely on one another to get through it. Pick up this fine book by Heather Smith and Brooke Kerrigan to enjoy this Father’s Day.


My Love is For You by Susan Musgrave, illustrated by Marilyn Faucher (Orca Book Publishers, 2019) Ages 0-2

My Love is For You is a stunning board book all about love. Musgrave and Faucher carefully intertwine the power of love with colourful illustrations of nature and the animals that surround us. Appreciate the artwork of a starry winter night or the vibrant yellow roses illustrated by Faucher.

“the shadow of a buttercup, the sign of a moth, that’s how tender my love is.”

The gentle words by Musgrave, along with the striking illustrations, make this book a perfect story to share with dad this Father’s Day.


Sing a Song of Bedtime by Barbara Reid (Scholastic Canada, 2019 ©2015) Ages 0-3

Looking for a way to get your children to bed after a fun-filled Father’s Day? Check out this collection of classic bedtime stories and poems, accompanied by Barbara Reid’s exceptional Plasticine artwork. Whether you love “Little Boy Blue,” “Frère Jacques” or “Star Light Star Bright,” share a precious moment with your little one this weekend with Sing a Song of Bedtime.


A Family is a Family is a Family by Sara O’Leary, illustrated by Qin Leng (Groundwood, 2016) Ages 5-10

Celebrate every kind of family this Father’s Day with another heart-warming tale by award-winning author Sara O’Leary. Experience what makes a family special through conversations within a classroom of kids. This book displays many different perspectives of what a family can be and it definitely makes you appreciate the one that you have. Share this story with your dad this weekend, to bring a smile to his face as you explore the clever responses from the students.

“We all look alike in my family. We just kind of go together.”


Uncle Farley’s False Teeth by Alice Walsh, illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Nimbus Publishing, 2019 ©1998) Ages 5-10

Uncle Farley has some gnarly false teeth. They are so very interesting that Morgan decides to take them with her, while Uncle Farley’s fast asleep on the couch. Morgan’s friends think they’re pretty cool, too, that is until someone, or, something takes them for a… swim. Laugh along with your dad this Father’s Day to this hilarious book by Alice Walsh and Michael Martchenko.


My Buddy, Dido by Marion Mutala, illustrated by Olha Tkachenko (Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing, 2019) Ages 3-7

My Buddy, Dido is a fun, rhyming book that appreciates grandfathers from all over the world. Mutala specifically focuses on her Dido, which originates from her Ukrainian background. This book is not only great to share with your friends or family, but it is an excellent learning tool to experience Ukrainian culture — and reflect on your own. Share this book this Father’s Day with your grandfather, opa, deda, taid or grand-père.


My Cat Looks Like My Dad by Thao Lam (Owlkids Books, 2019) Ages 3-7

Does your dad look like any of your pets? Does their hair colour match? Or the way they strut when they walk? My Cat Looks Like My Dad is a hilarious picture book, comparing dad to the families’ fluffy orange cat. Whether it’s their love for afternoon naps, or a cold glass of milk — dad and the cat have so many things in common! Look out for this lively picture book to share with your dad this Father’s Day. Maybe you will have something in common with the silly characters in the story.


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