Dragon Seer’s Gift wins IODE Violet Downey Book Award

Janet McNaughton, author of The Dragon Seer’s Gift, wins the IODE Violet Downey Book Award for the second time! The $3,000 prize was announced at the time of 112th National Annual Meeting of IODE Canada on May 26, 2012. This is the 28th year that the award has been made available to Canadian authors. The story for this award-winning children’s book, published by HarperCollins Canada, is set in Janet McNaughton’s home province of Newfoundland using the streets and buildings of current St. John’s.

“Gwyn Rae isn’t adjusting to grade seven. Bullied at school and failing in most subjects, he reluctantly agrees to undertake a Heritage Fair project to boost his grade in history. His older sister Maddie joins him, and together they begin to sift through the papers of their ancestor, the Reverend Daniel Rae, who came to Newfoundland from Scotland in the late 1880s. Talented and eccentric, he died in a shipwreck ten years later.

As Daniel’s papers draw Gwyn and Maddie in, strange things start to happen. A mysterious key that once belonged to Daniel buzzes when they touch it and parts of Daniel’s notebooks appear to be invisible to others. On a day when the city of St. John’s is closed by a winter storm, Gwyn and Maddie set out to investigate The Kirk, the downtown church where Daniel Rae was once a minister. There, the door that the key unlocks, launches Gwyn and Maddie on the adventure of their lives. A hidden world of dragons is suddenly revealed to them and a promise once made by a gifted young magician, their ancient ancestor, demands their help.”

The Dragon Seer’s Gift is a story that both boys and girls will enjoy, as they become excited about “H”, who only Gwyn and Maddie can see.

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