Create Your Own Junk Journal Fundraiser Event

Create Your Own Junk Journal with Carol-Ann Hoyte

Presented in both English and French

Junk journals are made from an assortment of new and recycled types of papers.

These useful and attractive books are a great papercraft, as they use multiple materials found at home.

These creations can be used for writing stories, creating artwork, journaling, storing keepsakes, and more!

Participants will learn how to make and decorate a junk journal cover as well as create and embellish pages for a junk journal.

Sign up before February 11 to receive materials for this event in the mail!

*Proceeds from the registration fees will support the work of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre

Materials List

You will need the following items:

  • white glue, scissors, pencil, and a ruler
  • a manila envelope (9 in x 12 in or 10 in x 12 in is an ideal size)
  • cardstock or another sheet of paper of similar sturdiness (close to the same size as the envelope; if it’s bigger, you can trim it down)
  • new and recycled assorted papers (for journal pages) – *see note below
  • hair elastic bands or elastic cord (to hold journal pages in place)
  • Elastic bands dry out and break so should only be used as a temporary solution.
  • miscellaneous items for decorating journal pages (ie. stickers, used stamps, playing cards, greeting cards, used postcards, photos, magazine pages, etc.)
  • Optional: double-sided tape (1/4″ [0.5 mm] width is ideal) – recommended but not required

Carol-Ann Hoyte is an avid papercrafter, children’s poet, school librarian, and mother to an eight-and-a half-year-old son.

For 16 years, she acted as the Quebec Regional Coordinator for Canadian Children’s Book Week run by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.

Since 2015, Carol-Ann has served on the board of Geordie Theatre which produces theatre for young audiences.

When she is not busy wrangling her students or her boy, Carol-Ann dreams of musicals, New York City, England, and travelling someday soon.

Carol-Ann Hoyte est poète pour la jeunesse, bibliothécaire scolaire ainsi que mère d’un fils de huit ans et demi. Elle est passionnée de tout ce qui concerne bricoler avec du papier,

Pendant 16 ans, elle a servi comme coordonnatrice régionale du Québec pour la Semaine canadienne du livre jeunesse, organisée par le Centre du livre jeunesse canadien.

Depuis 2015, Carol-Ann est membre du conseil d’administration du Geordie Theatre, qui produit du théâtre pour jeunes publics.

Quand elle n’est pas occupée à se démener avec ses élèves ou son garçon, Carol-Ann rêve de comédies musicales, de New York, de l’Angleterre et de voyager un jour prochain.