Canadian Library Month 2011

Today marks the beginning of Canadian Library Month, and across the country libraries will be holding events to highlight the impact of libraries in their communities. This year’s theme is “Your Library: A Place Unbound”, recognizing that Canada’s libraries are evolving to meet the needs of an increasingly information-driven society. From coast to coast to coast, libraries are without boundaries, places of endless opportunity where Canadians have an equal right to access resources.

As the official Declaration states, Canada’s libraries are partners in fostering lifelong learning, and they plan a vital role in helping Canadians of all ages access the information and tools they need to live, learn, and work. Libraries and the people who work in them help Canadians develop the skills they need to find and evaluate information in order to adapt and succeed in a knowledge-based economy. Canadian libraries bolster economic prosperity by providing access to essential decision-making information for organizations and businesses. Libraries enhance the quality of life for all Canadians and help ensure that Canadian culture continues to flourish and thrive.

Thanks to the 20 partner organizations for their participation and support in the development of the theme and suggested activities. You will find valuable ideas and information at:
Look for the Canadian Library Month posters and bookmarks at your library.

Canadian Library Month is an opportunity for us to celebrate libraries and those who work in them as well as to advocate for the incredible range of resources and services they provide. So thank your funding providers, contact your elected officials and tell them how much you appreciate your library, or host an event and invite local media. Show them Your Library: A Place Unbound.

Karen Adams
CLA President