Call for submissions: “This Is Not A Reading Series, For Tots”, Winter / Spring 2009

Attention: Publishers, Publicists & Sales Reps

This Is Not A Reading Series (TINARS) is proud to report that audiences have wholeheartedly embraced TINARS For Tots, a monthly program of literary events for curious minds aged 2-6. We are currently taking submissions for our Winter / Spring 2009 season.

This Is Not A Reading Series is a program of literary events produced by Pages Books & Magazines in downtown Toronto. Many books are published each year that do not fit easily into traditional reading series. Our series is structured, in part, to give the authors of such books a forum to connect with audiences in exciting and unusual ways. There are also many writers who have artistic interests that extend beyond their writings. Our series gives them ways, not only to share their creative processes with audiences, but also to support their new books by engaging in exciting, fun and original performance material.

TINARS For Tots is not a hipster variation on traditional “story time”. Authors have an opportunity to present their works in an imaginative, interactive manner to a group of curious 2-6 olds. Some do so by having the group draw characters and scenes from the book. Others show Powerpoint slides or dance and sing. Puppets are welcome.

Our events take place at the Gladstone Hotel Ballroom on one Saturday morning a month. While the youngsters are entertained at the front of the Ballroom, their caregivers are welcome to watch the proceedings as they have brunch at the tables in the back.

GUIDELINES Winter / Spring 2009: (please read carefully)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 15, 2008

ELIGIBILITY: This call is for our Winter / Spring 2009 season, which will commence in January and run through June. Unlike our mainstage program, This is Not A Reading Series, TINARS For Tots does not exclusively launch new works. We welcome new releases but will consider books that have been released within the last six months.

If you agree to have one of your authors appear in the series, you are required to have the book published in time for the event. (We reserve the right to bump an author if a book is not ready.) You are also required to lend the resources of your publicity department to help promote and organize the event. If you do not have a publicist on staff, we ask that you identify the member of your team who will assume the traditional responsibilities of a publicist, such as author care, arranging interviews and so forth. Moreover, we expect your support in terms in terms of ads and marketing initiatives.

SUBMISSION FORMAT: Submissions should not be lengthy, nor do they need to be complicated or fancy. All submissions must include the following:

• ideas for non-reading event content
• description of the book (catalogue pages are great)
• author bio
• the book’s publication date, price and format
• dates your author will be available

e-mail submissions to: Series Coordinator, Chris Reed: tinars (AT) pagesbooks (DOT) ca

courier or mail submissions to:
Chris Reed
Series Coordinator, TINARS For Tots
Pages Books & Magazines
256 Queen St. W., Toronto
M6J 2E6