Annick Press launches Paper Bag Princess Day this March

Celebrating 40 years in print for Robert Munsch’s beloved children’s book The Paper Bag Princess

TORONTO (October 03, 2019) Children’s author Robert Munsch’s picture book The Paper Bag Princess has inspired and entertained countless readers and has become a cultural icon.  It’s been celebrated with Halloween costumes, merchandise, a cartoon series, and now, to mark 40 years in print next year, the beloved book getting its own day.

This March 7, Annick Press launches Paper Bag Princess Day, a day for bookstores, libraries, and classrooms to show their love for North America’s unofficial princess and her message of empowerment. In the first hours after sharing the news on social media, Annick Press received over a dozen sign-ups for Paper Bag Princess Day parties from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories to Bluffton, South Carolina.

Annick President Rick Wilks calls the enthusiasm “deeply exciting.” But perhaps not surprising—he marked the book’s 100th reprint this September.

Munsch weighs in on the enduring popularity of his book: “Whether I told The Paper Bag Princess at the beginning or middle or end of a show, I had to tell it, because people would demand it.” He says people loved Princess Elizabeth telling off not-so-charming Prince Ronald not just for the surprise, but for the empathy factor. “It seemed to touch people.”

In addition to launching Paper Bag Princess Day, Annick Press has plans for a year-long 40th anniversary celebration, including a deluxe edition of the book with new content from Chelsea Clinton and writer Francesca Segal, as well as the author and his partner Ann Munsch. The new edition hits shelves February 4.

Paper Bag Princess Day takes place the first Saturday of March to dovetail with March 8th’s International Women’s Day celebrations. Event map:

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