7th Honeybee Illustration Contest Instructions

At Yamada Bee Company, we appreciate all things related to bees – they are very social, they have deep connections. We think that everyone can learn from honeybees especially how it is important to interact with the world. Our mission is to let the next generation think about the importance of “Nature”, “Supporting each other” and “Life”. Let’s learn about how your actions can affect others and try to begin to understand your place in society.

Illustration theme
Any theme will be welcome, as long as it is related to Honeybees. Use your imagination, study hard about bees and how wonderfully complex they are. Let your ideas flow onto the paper. Some past examples are “Flowers and honeybees”, “Honeybees in nature” and “Humans and honeybees”.

Here’s how to submit your work
1. Fill out the Application Form
2. Paste the Application Form on the reverse side of your illustration
3. Send the illustration to the address below

Yamada Bee Company
194 Ichiba, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama
708-0393 JAPAN
Tel: +81 868 54 1906
Fax: + 81 868 54 3346

All entries should be sent to ichimaiga@yamada-bee.com, before 1 July 2019.

The works should be unpublished and are non-returnable.

If you have any questions please contact Ms Noriko Hara or Ms Hitomi Kakiya at ch0517@yamada-bee.com

Previous winners can be seen at: http://beekeeper.3838.com/activity/ichimaie/con_03/result.html

The message this contest promotes is that honeybees cannot live without abundant natural environments. Such a contest is a valuable learning opportunity for children and adults to discover and respect honeybees, as well as learn about their precious role in the environment. This is becoming an important message across the world as young people are becoming more and more determined to demonstrate for a better future. Enjoy the competition!

Illustration size
Please use A3 size paper (approx. 30cm x 40cm or 11.7in x 16.5in).
*Thickness of the works is within 10 mm. Framed works cannot be accepted.

More information here.