The 2019 CCBC Gift Guide

The holiday season is quickly approaching and the CCBC knows it can be a hectic time for everyone. From shopping for gifts, to holiday parties, to visiting friends and family, the busyness of the holidays can be stressful for all. To lighten your load, we have put together an original holiday gift guide for kids and teens. We promise these titles will not disappoint!


One Whole Bunch by Mary Meyer and Sara Gillingham (Cameron + Company, 2019) Ages 2 and up

This heartwarming board book follows a young child as they pick flowers for their Mama, “TEN stems of lavender, NINE dandelions, EIGHT daises.” Not only does One Whole Bunch have wonderful, delicate illustrations, but it is perfect for young children learning how to count. Pick up One Whole Bunch this holiday season for anyone with a new member in their family.


Winter Days/Spring Days by Kate Colley and Dale Nigel Goble (Orca Book Publishers, 2019) Ages 0 and up

Winter Days Spring Days is a simple yet engaging book for early readers. It serves as an introduction to the seasons by exploring what people and animals do throughout the year. This book also has a flippable feature, making it entertaining for little ones to explore.


Look! Babies Head to Toe by Robie H. Harris and Anoosha Syed (Abrams Appleseed, 2019) Ages 0 and up

Look! Babies Head to Toe is a perfect read for story time. This board book teaches young readers about different parts of the body, through repetition and the charming illustrations. This book is sure to make all young readers excited for story time!



First Day of Groot! by Brendan Deneen and Cale Atkinson (Marvel Press, 2019) Ages 4 and up

In this amusing picture book, it is Groot’s first day of school. Groot is ready for a fun-filled day of learning, making new friends, and taking down the bad guys! This book encourages the importance of school in a fun and exciting way, making it a perfect gift for any young Marvel fan.


The Almost Epic Squad: Super Sketchy by Lesley Livingston (Scholastic Canada, 2019) Ages 8 and up

Daisy Kildare is starting at a new school, and getting comfortable in her new space has been tough. One day, Daisy picks up a pencil and begins to draw and to her surprise she finds that she can become whatever she draws. This action-packed book should be on every kids wish list.


Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, Vol. 4: Coming Home by Chip Zdarsky, Adam Kubert, Juan Frigeri and Chris Bachalo (Marvel Entertainment, 2018) Ages 7 and up

Peter, Teresa and Jonah have been transported to another universe and their lives have been turned upside down. In this other world, Peter has given up on being Spider-Man. This engaging read gives Spider-Man fans an interesting perspective on the world outside of heroes and villains.



King Mouse by Cary Fagan and Dena Seiferling (Tundra Books, 2019) Ages 3 and up

In the woods far away, lies an animal kingdom ruled by a mouse king. One day, this righteous king is challenged by a snake, who claims she is the queen. Soon after, the other animals in the village find their own crowns and claim they are royalty as well. This leaves the mouse king to make a tough decision on how he will proceed in his kingdom.


Small in the City by Sydney Smith (Groundwood Books, 2019) Ages 6 and up

Small in the City follows a young child through a day in the city. As the child hops off the bus, they admire the massive skyscrapers, the commuters and the deep, narrow alleyways. This gentle book is definitely in touch with children’s perspectives, making it an excellent holiday gift for any small child feeling lost in the crowd.


Small World by Ishta Mercurio and Jen Corace (Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2019) Ages 4 and up

As Nanda grows, so does her perspective of the world. She observes people, animals, structures and shapes to realize how small the world really is. This thought-provoking moment inspires Nanda to explore what else is out there, leading her to become an astronaut. This moving story will inspire children of all ages to follow their dreams.



Ember and the Ice Dragons by Heather Fawcett (Balzer + Bray, 2019) Ages 8 and up

There is no guarantee that magic will work. Ember St. George knows that best. Ember was once a powerful and mystical dragon, but when her life was at stake, her father turned her into a human. Now, as a real human girl, Ember struggles with keeping her true identity a secret — especially considering her ability to burst into flames at any moment. Ember must find a remedy for her dangerous hot flashes before things get really bad.


Fairy Science by Ashley Spires (Tundra Books, 2019) Ages 5 and up

In Esther’s world, fairy magic is thriving. Well, that is what everyone else around her thinks. Esther believes in science, and she is determined to prove to her other fairy friends how innovative science can be. Will she ever get a chance to prove the wonders of science to the magical fairy kingdom?


Not Even Bones: Market of Monsters #1 by Rebecca Schaeffer (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018) Ages 14 and up

Nita’s life has been quite tumultuous for most of her existence. She and her mother are working for the black market, selling supernatural beings body parts. While Nita’s responsibility is dissecting the body parts, her mother’s is capturing and murdering these beings. Nita knows what she’s doing is wrong, but getting away from her mother will not be easy.



Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray: Elements of Genius #1 by Jess Keating and Lissy Marlin (Scholastic Press, 2019) Ages 8 and up

Nikki is an accidental genius. After having her home-made death ray explode in her bedroom, she is sent to the Genius Academy to harness her extraordinary skills. But once Nikki arrives, she feels uncomfortable amongst all of the other smart students. On top of her academic uncertainty, Nikki has a dark secret that she has to keep quiet.


The Girl Who Rode a Shark: And Other Stories of Daring Women by Ailsa Ross and Amy Blackwell (Pajama Press, 2019) Ages 12 and up

The Girl Who Rode a Shark is an inspiring collection of stories dedicated to courageous women who have amazed the world. From astronauts, to secret agents, to disaster survivors, these women have been through it all and have conquered their troubles with grace and dignity.


Queen of Physics: How Wu Chien Shiung Helped Unlock the Secrets of the Atom by Teresa Robeson and Rebecca Huang (Sterling Children’s Books, 2019) Ages 8 and up

One hundred years ago in China, most girls did not attend school, but Wu Chien Shiung was an exemption. From an early age, her parents recognized her incredible abilities and inspired her to fall in love with science. Her passion stuck and years later, Wu Chien Shiung became recognized by famous scientists all over the world. This motivating biography proves to all of the science lovers out there that anything can happen.



Deck the Halls: A Canadian Christmas Carol by Helaine Becker and Werner Zimmermann (Scholastic Canada, 2016) Ages 0 and up

What is better than a holiday celebration with some of Canada’s favourite animals? Decorate, wrap gifts, and enjoy the delicious holiday snacks with the porcupines, beavers, moose, loons and more!


Sharon, Lois and Bram’s Skinnamarink by Sharon Hampson, Lois Lillienstein, Bram Morrison, Qin Leng with Randi Hampson (Tundra Books, 2019) Ages 3 and up

The classic song “Skinnamarink,” has been a favourite tune for many throughout the years. Follow along and enjoy this upbeat rendition that represents love, friendship, sharing and coming together!


Canadian Animals in Colour by Geraldo Valério (Owlkids Books, 2019) Ages 0 and up

Canadian Animals in Colour is the companion to Canadian Animals ABC and Canadian Animals 123. In this thrilling book, introduce early readers to all the wonderful colours of Canadian animals. The charming illustrations are sure to impress readers of all ages.



Operatic by Kyo Maclear and Byron Eggenschwiler (Groundwood Books, 2019) Ages 10 and up

This beautiful graphic novel follows along young Charlie and her quest to find the perfect song for music class. Charlie is struggling with the assignment because she is constantly distracted by her other classmates. But when she discovers opera singer Maria Callas, her assignment is looking better than ever.


Ebb & Flow by Heather Smith (Kids Can Press, 2018) Ages 9-12

Ebb & Flow was the winner of the 2019 TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award, therefore this book definitely deserved a spot on this wish list! In the story, 11-year-old Jett has recently moved away with his mother, after his father is arrested. Jett and his mother are hoping a fresh start is what the two of them need, but when Jett befriends a boy at school, he begins to make bad decisions. The only person in Jett’s life who can really help him is his grandmother, but will she be able to relate to the troubled child?


Stand on the Sky by Erin Bow (Scholastic Canada, 2019) Ages 9-12

In Kazakh tradition, women cannot train eagles. But when Aisulu’s brother Serik is left in a critical condition and her parents leave them to find a cure, Aisulu is left with her uncle and aunt who have been nursing a baby eagle. It may be against the rules for Aisulu to train and fly the eagle, but Aisulu knows she has to if she is going to save her brother.



Spin by Colleen Nelson (Dundurn Press, 2019) Ages 12 and up

In this action-packed novel, Dizzy has got herself into some trouble. She is a music lover who aspires to become a DJ. Her brother and father both support her, and her famous pop star mother abandoned them. During one of Dizzy’s sets, she mixes in some of her mother’s music to her work. Dizzy assumed it was harmless, but now she has got herself and her family into one big mess.


Sadie by Courtney Summers (Wednesday Books, 2018) Ages 13 and up

Sadie has been raising her little sister Mattie for a very long time. It hasn’t been easy for the two of them, but Sadie has kept them safe. That is until her sister is found dead. Sadie is heartbroken, and the police aren’t much help to her, so she decides to take matters into her own hands.


Keep This To Yourself by Tom Ryan (Albert Whitman and Company, 2019) Ages 13 and up

People have been mysteriously disappearing from Camera Cove, including Mac Bell’s friend Connor. Connor was the final victim of the Catalog Killer, so after grieving, Mac decides it is best if he tries to move on. Soon, to Mac’s surprise, he is pulled right back into the Catalog Killer drama and finds there is much more to be uncovered.


Thanks for checking out this year’s CCBC Wish List. Have a safe and happy holidays!