Finalists Announced for the 2016 BC Book Prizes

The West Coast Book Prize Society has announced the finalists for the 2016 BC Book Prizes. Winners will be announced on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Below are the finalists for the Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize and the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize. Click here to see the finalists for all eight awards.

Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize

Supported by Friends of Sheila Egoff

are you seeing meAre You Seeing Me?
by Darren Groth
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

Twins Justine and Perry have embarked on the road trip of a lifetime. Perry has been accepted into an assisted-living residence, but before he takes up residence, they’re seeking to create the perfect memory. For Perry, the trip is a glorious celebration of some of his favorite things: Ogopogo, Jackie Chan movies, and earthquakes. For Justine, it’s an opportunity to learn how to let go and to offer their mother the chance to atone for past wrongs. But the instability that has shaped their lives will not subside, and the seismic event that Perry forewarned threatens to reduce their worlds to rubble. Darren Groth‘s books have been published on both sides of the Pacific. He is passionate about promoting awareness of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and he is the proud father of a son with ASD. More

case of the missingThe Case of the Missing Moonstone (The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency, Book 1)
by Jordan Stratford
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Lady Ada Byron, age eleven, is a genius. Isolated, awkward and a bit rude—but a genius. Mary Godwin, age fourteen, is a romantic. Adventurous, astute, and kind, Mary is to become Ada’s first true friend. And together, the girls conspire to form the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency—a secret constabulary for the apprehension of clever criminals. Their first case involves a stolen heirloom, a false confession, and an array of fishy suspects. But it’s no match for the deductive powers and bold hearts of Ada and Mary. Jordan Stratford is a producer, author, and screenwriter. Stratford launched the idea for the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency series on Kickstarter, where the response was overwhelming enthusiasm. More

seven deadlySeven Dead Pirates
by Linda Bailey
Publisher: Tundra Books

Lewis is initially delighted with his new bedroom, a secluded tower in a remote part of a decaying seaside mansion. Then he discovers that it’s already occupied—by the ghosts of seven dead pirates. Worse, the ghosts expect him to help them re-take their ship. The only problem is that this motley crew hasn’t left the house in almost two hundred years and is terrified of going outside. As Lewis warily sets out to assist his new roommates, he begins to open himself to the possibilities of friendship, passion, and joie de vivre and finds the courage to speak up. Linda Bailey has won awards across North America, including the California Young Readers’ Medal, the Georgia Storybook Award, the Ontario Blue Spruce and Silver Birch Awards, and the Oregon SMART Award. More

truth commissionThe Truth Commission
by Susan Juby
Publisher: Razorbill

Open secrets are the heart of gossip—the things that no one is brave or clueless enough to ask. That is, except for Normandy Pale and her friends Dusk and Neil. They are juniors at Green Pastures Academy of Art and Applied Design, and they have no fear. They are the Truth Commission. But Normandy’s passion for uncovering the truth is not entirely heartfelt. The truth can be dangerous, especially when it involves her sister, Keira, her brilliant older sister, the creator of a best-selling graphic novel series, who has left college and come home under mysterious circumstances, and in complete silence. Even for a Truth Commissioner, there are some lines that cannot be crossed… Susan Juby is the author of Alice, I Think, which was made into a successful television series. More

we are all made of moleculesWe Are All Made of Molecules
by Susin Nielsen
Publisher: Tundra Books

Stewart Inkster is academically brilliant but “ungifted” socially. Ashley Anderson is the undisputed “It” girl of grade nine, but her marks stink. Their worlds are about to collide when Stewart and his dad move in with Ashley and her mom. Stewart is trying to be 89.9% happy about it, but Ashley is 110% horrified. She already has to hide the truth behind her parents’ divorce; “Spewart” could further threaten her position at the top of the social ladder. They are complete opposites. And yet, no matter their differences, they share one thing in common: they are all made of molecules. Susin Nielsen has received two Canadian Screenwriter Awards and a Gemini Award. She is the author of award-winning novels Word Nerd, Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mom, and The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen. More


Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize

Supported by Kate Walker and Kidsbooks

orca chiefOrca Chief
by Roy Henry Vickers, Robert Budd
Illustrated by Roy Henry Vickers
Publisher: Harbour Publishing

Thousands of years ago in the village of Kitkatla, four hunters leave home in the spring to harvest seaweed and sockeye. But they do not treat the fishing grounds well, carelessly damaging the sea floor and harming the marine life. When Orca Chief discovers what the hunters have done, he sends his most powerful orca warriors to reprimand the hunters and show them how to sustainably harvest the ocean’s resources. Roy Henry Vickers is a renowned carver, painter, and printmaker. In 1998 he was appointed to the Order of British Columbia and in 2006, the Order of Canada. Robert (Lucky) Budd holds an MA in history and has digitized many high-profile oral history collections including that of the Nisga’a First Nation. More

peace_is_an_offering-1Peace is an Offering
by Annette LeBox
Illustrated by Stephanie Graegin
Publisher: Dial Books

Join a group of neighborhood children as they find love in everyday things—in sunlight shining through the leaves and cookies shared with friends—and learn that peace is all around, if you just look for it. With rhyming verse and soft illustrations, this book will help families and teachers look for the light moments when tragedy strikes and remind readers of the calm and happiness they find in their own community every day. Annette LeBox is a poet and environmental activist who divides her time between Maple Ridge, BC, and a remote cabin in the Cariboo grasslands. Stephanie Graegin received her BFA in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art and her MFA in Printmaking from the Pratt Institute. More

the_red_bicycleThe Red Bicycle: The Extraordinary Story of One Ordinary Bicycle
by Jude Isabella
Illustrated by Simone Shin
Publisher: Kids Can Press

Leo treasures his bicycle so much he gives it a name—Big Red. But eventually Leo outgrows Big Red, and he decides to donate it to an organization that ships bicycles to Africa. Big Red is sent to Burkina Faso, in West Africa, where it finds a home with Alisetta, who uses it to gain quicker access to her family’s sorghum field and to the market. Then, over time, it finds its way to a young woman named Haridata, who has a new purpose for the bicycle—renamed Le Grand Rouge—delivering medications and bringing sick people to the hospital. Jude Isabella started writing kids’ books when she was managing editor of YES Mag: Canada’s Science Magazine for Kids. Simone Shin is an award-winning illustrator and a graduate of Boston University and the Art Center College of Design. More

Groundwood Logos SpineSong for a Summer Night: A Lullaby
by Robert Heidbreder
Illustrated by Qin Leng
Publisher: Groundwood Books

As night falls on a soft summer evening, neighborhood children are drawn out of their houses by the sights and sounds of the world after dark. First the fireflies come sparkling past, followed by a host of domestic and wild animals, from cats and dogs to owls and skunks. Robert Heidbreder creates a world of enchantment, while Qin Leng’s illustrations conjure the harmonious interplay between our everyday domestic world and one that is just a little bit wilder. Robert Heidbreder is an award-winning children’s poet and author. In 2002 he won the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Qin Leng has received many awards for her animated short films and artwork. Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin, written by Chieri Uegaki, was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award and received the APALA ward for best picture book. More

this is sadieThis is Sadie
by Sara O’Leary
Illustrated by Julie Morstad
Publisher: Tundra Books

Sadie is a little girl with a big imagination. She has been a girl who lived under the sea and a boy raised by wolves. She has had adventures in wonderland and visited the world of fairytales. She whispers to the dresses in her closet and talks to birds in the treetops. She has wings that take her anywhere she wants to go, but that always bring her home again. She likes to make things—boats out of boxes and castles out of cushions. But more than anything Sadie likes stories, because you can make them from nothing at all. Sara O’Leary is the author of the award-winning series of Henry books: When You Were Small, Where You Came From, and When I Was Small. Julie Morstad‘s book How To was a 2013 Governor General’s Award finalist. More