2020 TD Grade One Book Giveaway: Moira’s Birthday

Since 2000, in cooperation with ministries of education, school boards and library organizations across Canada, the CCBC has given every Grade 1 child a free Canadian children’s book. This year’s title is Moira’s Birthday, written by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko, and published by Annick Press in 1987. L’anniversaire, translated by Christiane Duchesne and published by Éditions Scholastic, will also be available. Featuring a little girl who invites the whole school to her birthday party, the message of inclusion and unity is one that we feel is important, now more than ever. In a world of COVID-19 where children may feel isolated and alone, a story of children in celebration is a hopeful reminder of what is really important to us: being together. A classic Munsch title that perhaps is not as well known as his other books, Moira’s Birthday will be a new, fun read for many children. For the program’s 20th year anniversary, we want the TD Grade One Book Giveaway to be a party that everyone is invited to, just like Moira’s birthday party.

For many Grade 1 students, Moira’s Birthday will be the first book that they own. We are confident that, in a time of uncertainty, this book will provide children with the sense of community that we have all been craving.


Watch the video of the official launch of Moira’s Birthday! Featuring illustrator Michael Martchenko, CBC Kids’ Tony Kim and the real Moira! Do you teach grade one? Get in touch with us to access the exclusive video!

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