Bridging the Gap: Writing for Children About True Topics

Date(s) - Oct 28, 2020,
10:00 am - 10:45 am



Bridging the Gap: Writing for Children About True Topics
October 28th, 10 AM EST

Join professional children’s authors to discuss how writing for children can bridge the gap between the hard facts and developing an intrinsic understanding and empathy of issues around revising history, human rights and the environment. Presenting perspectives through the use of narrative gives space to develop an awareness of historical or global events on the lives of the individual. This fascinating discussion explores how these writers present challenging and, at times, disturbing issues in an accessible and informed way. Featuring authors Kyo MaclearSerah-Marie McMahon and Tina Athaide.

Moderated by Brandon Mitchell, Mi’kmaw graphic novelist and educator, and presented in partnership with the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.

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