Holiday Inspired Book List

By Kirsti Granholm

The holidays are here and that means it is time to celebrate, relax, enjoy precious time with family and friends, and reflect on the past year. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to do this than curling up with one of these wonderful holiday inspired books with friends and family.

Canada Close Up: Canadian Festivals by Susan Hughes (Scholastic Canada, 2007) Ages 7 and up

Canada is full of many amazing cultures and traditions, many of them being celebrated during the winter holidays. This educational book teaches young readers all about the annual celebrations held in Canada. From Diwali to Kwanzaa to the Chinese New Year, there is so much for children to explore in this engaging cultural adventure.

Christmas from Solstice to Santa by Nikki Tate and Dani Tate-Stratton (Orca Book Publishers, 2018) Ages 8 and up

This book celebrates the delightful Christmas traditions held all around the world. Take a dive into Christmas culture and learn about the food, music, ornaments and more celebrated by families in Canada and across the world. There is something fun and fascinating for everyone to learn in this lovely book!

Dashing Through the Snow by Helanie Becker and Werner Zimmermann (North Winds Press/Scholastic Canada, 2014) Ages 2 and up

Santa’s sleigh has been interrupted by Sasquatch, making everyone receive the wrong gifts. Regardless of this mishap, Canadian critters across the country still enjoy their holiday presents. This uniquely Canadian book will make the young readers in your life appreciate how wonderful and fun the holidays can be!

Hanukkah Lullaby by Ruth Abrams and Tia Mushka (Baby Lullaby Books, 2015) Ages 0 and up

This stunning book celebrates the beauty of Hanukkah, in a simple and poetic manner. Flip through the pages and indulge in these wonderful illustrations by Tia Mushka while reflecting on the importance of family, culture and celebration.

The Christmas Wind by Stephanie McLellan and Brooke Kerrigan (Red Deer Press, 2017) Ages 6 and up

As Jo, her sick mother and tiny baby brother are wandering on a cold Christmas Eve, they come across an old barn that is owned by a grumpy farmer named Frank. If Frank does not let them warm up in his barn, Jo doesn’t know what the future holds for her family but she stays determined regardless. This touching book inspires kindness and thoughtfulness throughout the holiday season.

The Night Before Christmas by Barbra Reid (Scholastic Canada, 2018) Ages 0 and up

The Night Before Christmas has become a Canadian favourite for readers of all ages since it’s release in 2013. Barbra Reid’s striking illustrations bring this book to life, and the soft poetic words bring out all the best parts of the holidays.  Enjoy this timeless book with your family and friends this Christmas.

Kwanzaa by Molly Aloian (Crabtree Publishing Company, 2008) Ages 4 and up

As a part of the series, Celebrations in My World, this delightful read will introduce young children to the story of Kwanzaa, why it was created and what it means. This book will have you and the young readers in your life reflecting on the magic of the holidays!


Thank you for checking out this book list, have a safe and happy holidays!