Family Themed Books for Kids and Teens

There’s nothing more important to a child than family and it’s through love and care that families are built, however this may look. Here are 7 books that celebrate the diversity and bonds of families.


A family is a Family is a Family by Sarah O’Leary, illustrated by Qin Leng (Groundwood Books, 2016) Ages 5 and up. 

A family is a Family is a Family is a heart-warming read that celebrates the diversity of families. When a teacher asks her students what makes their families special, one child is hesitant to speak up because of how different their family is… That is until all the other students share their stories. From adopted families, to interracial families, to families with same-sex couples, this book celebrates a diverse range of families and the most important thing shared by all – Love.


Little Miss, Big Sis by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Peter H. Reynolds (HarperCollins, 2015) Ages 4-8.

An ode to all the big sisters in the world, Little Miss, Big Sis expresses all the emotions little girls experience when becoming big sisters for the very first time. This sweet book celebrates sibling love and all the special moments that take place in-between as children grow, evolve and inspire. A perfect, quick read to get any child excited for the arrival of their baby sibling.



We Are All Made Up of Molecules by Susin Nielsen (Wendy Lamb Books, 2015) Ages 12 and up.

Blended families can be a hard transition. From remarriage, to moving houses and new step-siblings, it can be a big adjustment, especially for children. We Are All Made up Molecules follows Stewart, a young teen who’s dad is set to marry his new girlfriend a year after his mother’s death. As an only child, Stewart is actually excited to have a new sister. Ashley, however, does not take kindly to having a step-brother or step-father and instead rebels against the very idea. This is a book that explores the harder aspects of new families, but with open communication, mutual respect and love and patience, there may just be hope after all.


Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts by Esta Spalding (Little Brown Books for Young Readers, 2016) Ages 9 and up. 

Life can be tough when you can’t rely on the adults in your life, and no one knows that better than the Fitzgerald-Trouts. Though unconventional, this family of children have learned to survive it all on their own. Sure, it may not always be perfect, but through their constant support and love for one another, the Fitzgerald-Trouts can do anything they put their minds to! Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts is a funny and adventurous read that showcases the resilience families have when united.


Dipnetting With Dad by Wille Sellars (Caitlin Press, 2014) Ages up 5 and up. 

Traditions have the power to bring communities together, teaching us the value of storytelling, community and culture. Dipnetting With Dad is a coming-of-age story that showcases the bond between a boy and his dad as they go dipnetting – one of their oldest family traditions – for the very first time. This is a great book to inspire anyone looking for family traditions of their own.


My Cat Looks Like My Dad by Thao Lam (Owlkids, 2019) 

Family members aren’t always human , sometimes they’re made up of animals instead! This adorably, quirky read takes a look at families and how they come in all shapes and sizes, even species through the comparison of a dad and his cat. Readers will love the delightfully, surprising twist at the end, realizing family isn’t always biological, but instead it’s what you make it.


Kiss by Kiss by Richard Van Camp (Orca Book Publishers, 2018) Ages 0 and up.

Filled with beautiful full-colour pictures of diverse families sharing kisses, Kiss by Kiss is a sweet, little book that can be used to teach your little ones how to count in both Plains Cree and English. Showcasing the bond between families through shared love, this delightful read will warm hearts all around.



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