Call for Submissions: Best Books for Kids & Teens, Fall 2020


The Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC) is now accepting submissions for the fall 2020 edition of Best Books for Kids & Teens (BBKT), the CCBC’s semi-annual selection guide to the best Canadian children’s books, magazines, audio and video.

When is the deadline?
The deadline to submit is April 24, 2020

What books and resources are eligible?
For the fall 2020 edition, our committees will only be evaluating books/resources published between January 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020. Please refer to the Eligibility Criteria for further information.

What do I need to submit?

  1. Please email completed title submission forms for ALL titles you plan on submitting to The title submission forms are available in two formats – PDF and Word. Upon receipt of the forms, you will be sent instructions on where to send the physical resources. Please do not send them to the CCBC’s main office. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and our subsequent office closure, we were in the process of moving.
  2. For books and magazines, please email final PDFs of each title or issue (in the case of magazines).
  3. The quantity of books/resources as indicated on each title submission form to the addresses provided in the subsequent email you will receive from the CCBC. Please note: Materials submitted will not be returned, including titles that are not selected for inclusion.

How can I submit books published after April 24, 2020?
Books published after April 24 can be submitted the following way:

  1. Email a completed title submission form by April 24, 2020 to For books and magazines, please also email final PDFs of each title or issue (in the case of magazines).
  2. Follow up with physical copies of the books/resources when they become available. Again, once the CCBC has received your forms, you will be sent instructions on where to send the resources.

Title Submission Forms
BBKT Title Submission Form – Book (PDF or Word)
BBKT Title Submission Form – Magazine (PDF or Word)
BBKT Title Submission Form – Audio (PDF or Word)
BBKT Title Submission Form – Video (PDF or Word)

Where will my books and resources go?
All submissions are:

  • sent to Best Books for Kids & Teens committee members for review.
  • sent to the Best Books for Kids & Teens annotation writer.
  • sent to our regional library collections in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Hamilton.

Publishers Catalogues
Please email PDFs or links to the catalogue(s) that corresponds with the above publication dates. If you act as a distributor for foreign publishers (e.g., US, UK, etc.), please check their catalogues to see if they have any eligible titles by Canadian authors and/or Canadian illustrators.

Books published by non-Canadian publishing houses are eligible, provided the author or illustrator is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada who has currently resided in Canada for at least two years.

Important note regarding eBooks
Currently, the CCBC is not evaluating eBooks that are not also available in print format. Only books in print format will be evaluated; our juries will not be reading eBook versions.* However, if your print books are also available in eBook format, please be sure to include the ISBN and pricing for the electronic format on the title submission form. For titles that are selected, we will indicate that an eBook version is available in the listing.

* With the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are requesting that PDFs of final titles (for books and magazines) be emailed to when title submission forms are submitted. The PDFs are not to replace the physical books. They are to be used in the event that the CCBC cannot ship physical books to the committees for evaluation.

If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Howe at