2021 Virtual Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) Kicks Off its New Format with Eden Robinson

Tomorrow, January 21, marks the 100-day countdown to the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD), which begins on May 1st and runs until May 15th. Following the success of the FOLD’s 5th anniversary and switch to virtual events, Executive Director Jael Richardson and the FOLD Board and Planning Team have created an extended schedule, which will showcase more authors than ever before. The line-up will feature more than sixty authors, double their typical count, and will include both international and Canadian authors.

On January 21st, the FOLD will begin unveiling its guest authors, starting with Eden Robinson as she celebrates the release of the third and final book in the Trickster Trilogy, Return of the Trickster.

Registration will open on March 25th and events will be updated on the FOLD website at www.thefoldcanada.org. The festival promises the return of some annual favourites like the Spoken Word Showcase and the Writers’ Hub, as well as unique programming features like the festival’s first series — a combination of events that follow a unique theme for a variety of readers– and a full day of genre-based programming.

“We’ve never had a schedule quite like this one, and I’m thrilled to be bringing this iteration of FOLD to readers and writers everywhere. The virtual format allows us to include more international voices, while keeping Canadian voices at the centre of everything, and the range of authors we’ve secured for this year is incredible. I really think this is going to be our best festival yet!” — Executive Director Jael Richardson

Amanda Leduc
Communications and Development Coordinator, the FOLD