CCBC Strategic Plan- 2018

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Canadian Children’s Book Centre Strategic Ends and Operational Initiatives – January to December 2018


That all Canadians be given the opportunity to read books created by Canadian authors and illustrators.



CCBC exists to bring Canadian books (in various media) and young readers together to foster a lifelong love of reading.



Strategic End 1:

To support and encourage the creation, production, and distribution of Canadian children’s books.

Programs and Services:

  1. Book Giveaway
  2. Book Week
  3. Awards
  4. Exhibitions
  5. Canadian Children’s Book News
  6. Best Books for Kids & Teens
  7. Book collections
  8. Website/On-line Resources


2018 Operational Initiatives Task/ Activity Target

Partner with industry professionals


Develop professional development webinars


Target aspiring and established authors and illustrators while raising funds for the CCBC




Strategic End 2:

To provide educators, librarians, parents, and children themselves with information about and access to the full range of Canadian reading opportunities.


Programs and Services:

  1. Book Giveaway
  2. Book Week
  3. Canadian Children’s Book News
  4. Best Books for Kids & Teens
  5. Libraries
  6. Website/On-line Resources


2018 Operational Initiatives Task/ Activity Target
Increase  awareness of the importance, availability and quality of Canadian children’s books and of the CCBC for use in the classroom



Enhance the reach of the Centre’s programs and services

Develop webinars, in conjunction with OISE, to be used by colleges and universities for new educators.



Find new sponsor for the Monica Hughes Award for Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Webinars to be used to educate new teachers and also to spread the word about the CCBC




Award to be in place by end of 2018


Organizational Development and Effectiveness:

While not an end but a means, CCBC staff and board are committed to maintaining a sustainable organization that responds to economic, technological, demographic, and social change.


2018 Operational Development & Effectiveness Task/ Activity Target
Develop procedures to ensure that CCBC has the skills it needs at the board level and beyond


Continue to diversify funding base






Develop a recruitment strategy for board members


Research and apply for grants to assist teachers in classrooms


look for part-time director of fundraising and sponsorships




At least two members with comfort and experience in fund development to be recruited.


Develop a board skills matrix


Secure one new grant to add social justice- themed books to Teachers


Book Bank


Secure part-time fund development person