Tiny Torgi Literary Awards

2004 marked the 20th anniversary and the final edition of the Torgi Literary Awards for Books in Alternative Formats. The Tiny TORGI PrintBraille Book Award recognized excellence in children’s Canadian literature and the importance of braille as a literacy tool for young readers who are blind or visually impaired. Young jurors who read braille chose their favourite PrintBraille book for the Tiny TORGI award. In 1999, the Tiny TORGI Audio Award for best recorded children's talking book was introduced. Winners were announced annually in October.


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Awards Recipients

Year Detail Recipient
2004 Print Braille Linda Bailey, Stanley’s Party. Illustrated by Bill Slavin. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2003.
2004 Audio Eric Walters, Run. Toronto: Penguin Canada, 2003.
2003 Print Braille Robin Muller, Badger’s New House. Makrham, ON: Scholastic Canada/North Winds Press, 2002.
2003 Audio Karen Levine, Hana’s Suitcase. Toronto: Second Story Press, 2002.
2002 Print Braille Mark Abley, Ghost Cat. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2001.
2002 Audio Jean Little, Willow and Twig. Toronto: Viking, 2000.
2001 Print Braille Marie-Louise Gay, Stella, Queen of the Snow. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2000.
2001 Audio Kenneth Oppel, Sunwing. Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, 1999.
2000 Print Braille Michael Bedard, The Clay Ladies. Toronto: Tundra Books, 1999.
2000 Audio Robert Sutherland, The Secret of Devil Lake. Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, 1998
1999 Print Braille Frieda Wishinsky, Each One Special. Illustrated by Werner Zimmermann. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, 1998.
1999 Audio Kenneth Oppel, Silverwing. Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, 1998.
1998 Jo Ellen Bogart, Jeremiah Learns to Read. Illustrated by Laura Fernandez and Rick Jacobson. Richmond Hill, ON: Scholastic Canada, 1997.
1997 Julie Lawson, Whatever You Do, Don’t Go Near That Canoe! Illustrated by n Zimmerman. Richmond Hill, ON: Scholastic Canada, 1996.
1996 Don Gillmor, When Vegetables Go Bad! Illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1994.
1995 Peter Cumming, Out on the Ice in the Middle of the Bay. Illustrated by Alice Priestley. Toronto: Annick Press, 1993.
1994 Rhea Tregebov, The Big Storm. Illustrated by Maryann Kovalski. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1992.