Martyn Godfrey Young Writers’ Award

The Martyn Godfrey Young Writers’ Award was created to honour the memory of Canadian children’s author Martyn Godfrey who passed away in 2000 at the age of 51. The award is an annual, juried writing competition open to all Albertan students in grades 4 through 9, including homeschooled students. Students are asked to submit an original complete short story by March 31st annually. There are a total of 8 prize categories that include book prizes and author visits. Full details and rules can be found at


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Young Alberta Book Society



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Awards Recipients

Year Detail Recipient
2004 First Place Heather Anderson, 2004 (First Place) Heather Anderson
2004 Second Place Cindy Pereira, 2004 (Second Place) Cindy Pereira
2004 Third Place Lauren MacDonald, 2004 (Third Place) Lauren MacDonald