IODE Jean Throop Book Award

Since 1974 the Municipal Chapter of Toronto IODE has presented an award intended to encourage the publication of books for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years. In 2013, as a result of the disbandment of IODE Toronto, the award is now administered by IODE Ontario. Funding for the book award will come from the established Toronto Legacy Fund. The award and accompanying cash prize of $1,000 are given annually to a Canadian author and/or illustrator who reside in Ontario. This award is announced at the IODE Ontario Annual Meeting each spring.


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Awards Recipients

Year Detail Recipient
2014 Cybèle Young, Nancy Knows. Toronto: Tundra Books, 2014.
2013 Andrew Larsen, In the Tree House. Illustrated by Dušan Petričić. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2013.
2012 Cary Fagan, Mr. Zinger’s Hat. Illustrated by Dušan Petričić. Toronto: Tundra Books, 2012.
2011 Anna Kerz, Better Than Weird. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, 2011.
2010 Rebecca Upjohn, The Last Loon. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, 2010.
2009 Linda Granfield, Remembering John McCrae: Soldier, Doctor, Poet. Toronto: Scholastic Canada, 2009.
2008 Charles Pachter, M is for Moose: A Charles Pachter Alphabet. Toronto: Cormorant Books, 2008.
2007 Elizabeth Quan, Once Upon a Full Moon. Toronto: Tundra Books, 2007.
2006 Ian Krykorka, Carl the Christmas Carp. Illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, 2006.
2005 Ian Wallace, Mavis and Merna. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2005.
2004 Kenneth Oppel, Peg and the Yeti. Illustrated by Barbara Reid. Toronto: HarperCollins Canada, 2004.
2003 Aubrey Davis, Bagels from Benny. Illustrated by Dušan Petri?i?. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2003.
2002 Marie Day, Edward the “Crazy Man”. Toronto: Annick Press, 2002.
2001 Vlasta van Kampen, A Drop of Gold. Toronto: Annick Press, 2001.
2000 Stephen Strauss (Author) and Matthew Fernandes (Illustrator) on behalf of “The Fernandes 4”, How Big is Big? Toronto: Key Porter Kids, 1999.
1999 Michael Bedard (Author) and Les Tait (Illustrator), The Clay Ladies. Tundra Books, 1999.
1998 Marilyn Helmer (Author) and Paul Mombourquette (Illustrator), Fog Cat. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1998.
1997 Ian Wallace, A Winter's Tale. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1997.
1996 David Booth, The Dust Bowl. Illustrated by Karen Reczuch. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1996.
1995 Linda Granfield (Author) and Janet Wilson (Illustrator), In Flanders Fields: The Story of the Poem by John McCrae. Toronto: Stoddart/Lester, 1995.
1994 Joanne Findon (Author) and Ted Nasmith (Illustrator), The Dream of Aengus. Toronto: Lester Publishing, 1994.
1993 Celia Barker Lottridge, Ten Small Tales. Illustrated by Joanne Fitzgerald. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1993.
1992 Janet Lunn & Christopher Moore (Authors) and Alan Daniel (Illustrator), The Story of Canada. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1992.
1991 Michael Bedard (Author) and Regolo Ricci (Illustrator)
1990 Editor David Booth, Voices on the Wind. Illustrated by Michèle Lemieux. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1990.
1989 Illustrator Brenda Clark, Little Fingerling by Monica Hughes. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1989.
1988 Illustrator Eric Beddows, Night Cars by Teddy Jam. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1988.
1987 Caroline Parry, Let's Celebrate!. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1987.
1986 Illustrator Barbara Reid, Have You Seen Birds? by Joanne Oppenheim. Richmond Hill, ON: North Winds Press, 1986.
1985 Robin Muller, The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1985.
1984 Ian Wallace, Chin Chiang and the Dragon's Dance. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1984.
1983 Tim Wynne-Jones, Zoom at Sea. Illustrated by Ken Nutt. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1983.
1982 Kathy Stinson, Red is Best. Illustrated by Robin Baird Lewis. Toronto: Annick Press, 1982.
1981 Bernice Thurman Hunter, That Scatterbrain Booky. Richmond Hill, ON: Scholastic-TAB, 1981.
1980 Illustrator Olena Kassian, The Hungry Time by Selwyn Dewdney. Toronto: James Lorimer, 1980
1979 Janet Lunn, The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Illustrated by Laszlo Gal. Toronto: Methuen, 1979.
1978 Illustrator Laszlo Gal, The Shirt of the Happy Man by Mariella Bertelli. Toronto: Kids Can Press,1977
1977 William Toye, The Loon's Necklace. Illustrated by Elizabeth Cleaver. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1977.
1976 Aviva Layton, How the Kookaburra Got His Laugh. Illustrated by Robert Smith. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1976.
1975 William Kurelek, A Prairie Boy's Winter. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1975.
1974 Dennis Lee, Alligator Pie. Illustrated by Frank Newfeld. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1974.