IBBY Canada Nominations for the Hans Christian Andersen Award

The Hans Christian Andersen Awards were established in 1956, and given biennially by the International Board on Young People (IBBY) to one author (since 1956) and one illustrator (since 1966). It is one of the most distinguished international prizes given in children’s literature. The complete works of the author and illustrator are considered and judged according to their artistic and literary merits. Winners receive gold medals. For both medals, the nominees selected by each national section of IBBY must be living at the time of their nomination. The following are the Canadian nominations for the Hans Christian Anderson Award since 1980.


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Awards Recipients

Year Detail Recipient
2016 Author Nominee Kenneth Oppel
2016 Illustrator Nominee Pierre Pratt
2014 Author Nominee Kenneth Oppel
2014 Illustrator Nominee Philippe Béha
2012 Author Nominee Tim Wynne-Jones
2012 Illustrator Nominee Stéphane Jorisch
2010 Author Nominee Brian Doyle
2010 Illustrator Nominee Marie-Louise Gay
2008 Author Nominee Brian Doyle
2008 Illustrator Nominee Pierre Pratt
2006 Author Nominee Jean Little
2006 Illustrator Nominee Michèle Lemieux
2004 Author Nominee Gilles Tibo
2004 Illustrator Nominee Marie-Louise Gay
2002 Author Nominee Dennis Lee
2002 Illustrator Nominee Michèle Lemieux
2000 Author Nominee Roch Carrier
2000 Illustrator Nominee Laszlo Gal
1998 Author Nominee Brian Doyle
1998 Illustrator Nominee Gilles Tibo
1996 Author Nominee Christiane Duchesne
1996 Illustrator Nominee Stéphane Poulin
1994 Author Nominee Jean Little
1994 Illustrator Nominee Ian Wallace
1992 Author Nominee James Houston
1992 Illustrator Nominee Eric Beddows
1988 Author Nominee Jean Little
1988 Illustrator Nominee Ann Blades
1986 Author Nominee James Houston
1986 Illustrator Nominee Phillipe Béha
1984 Author Nominee Monica Hughes
1984 Illustrator Nominee Laszlo Gal
1982 Author Nominee Christie Harris
1982 Illustrator Nominee Louise Methe