Governor General’s Literary Awards

The Governor General's Literary Awards were established in 1936 by the Canadian Author's Association. A bronze medal was presented to best books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and juvenile literature. In 1959 the Canada Council began administering the awards and the juvenile category was suspended. In 1987 the Canada Council's Children's Literature Prizes were renamed The Governor General's Literary Awards. (For a complete list of winners for the Canada Council's Children's Literature Prizes click here ). For the GG's, up to four awards can be given each year, one each to an English language writer, a French language writer, an illustrator of an English language book, and an illustrator of a French language book. In 2007, in honour of the Canada Council’s 50th anniversary, the award prize was increased from $15,000 to $25,000. In addition, publishers of winning titles receive $3,000 for the promotion of the prize-winning book. Non-winning finalists each receive $1,000. The panel of judges is appointed by The Canada Council and prizes are presented each year along with the other Governor General's Literary Awards. All books for young people written or illustrated by a Canadian citizen in the previous year are eligible, whether published in Canada or abroad. Please check the Canada Council website for the submission various deadlines.


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Awards Recipients

Year Detail Recipient
2014 English - Text Raziel Reid, When Everything Feels Like the Movies. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 2014.
2014 English - Illustration Jillian Tamaki, This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2014.
2014 French - Text Linda Amyot, Le jardin d'Amsterdam. Montreal: Leméac Éditeur, 2013.
2014 French - Illustration Marianne Dubuc, Le lion et l'oiseau. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Pastèque, 2013.
2014 Drama Jordan Tannahill, Age of Minority: Three Solo Plays. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2013.
2013 English - Text Matt James, Northwest Passage. Written by Stan Rogers. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2013.
2013 English - Text Teresa Toten, The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 2013.
2013 French - Illustrations Isabelle Arsenault, Jane, le renard & moi. Written by Fanny Britt. Montreal: Éditions de la Pastèque, 2012.
2013 French - Text Geneviève Mativat, À l’ombre de la grande maison. Rosemère , QC: Éditions Pierre Tisseyre, 2012.
2012 English - Illustration Isabelle Arsenault, Virginia Wolf by Kyo Maclear. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2012.
2012 English - Text Susin Nielsen, The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen. Toronto: Tundra Books, 2012.
2012 French - Illustration Élise Gravel, La clé à molette. Montreal: Les éditions de la courte échelle, 2012.
2012 French - Text Aline Apostolska, Un été d’amour et de cendres. Montreal: Leméac Éditeur, 2012.
2011 English - Text Christopher Moore, From Then to Now: A Short History of the World. Illustrated by Andrej Krystoforski. Toronto: Tundra Books, 2011.
2011 English - Illustration Cybèle Young, Ten Birds. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2011.
2011 French - Text Martin Fourbier, Les aventures de Radisson -1. L’enfer ne brûle pa. Sillery, QC: Les Éditions du Septentrion, 2011.
2011 French - Illustration Caroline Merola, Lili et les poilus. Saint-Lambert, QC: Dominique et compagnie, 2011.
2010 English - Illustration Jon Klassen, Cats' Night Out by Caroline Stutson. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2010.
2010 English - Text Wendy Phillips, Fishtailing. Regina: Coteau Books, 2010.
2010 French - Illustration Daniel Sylvestre, Rose: derrière le rideau de la folie by Élise Turcotte. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 2009.
2010 French - Text Élise Turcotte, Rose: derrière le rideau de la folie. Illustrated by Daniel Sylvestre. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 200
2009 English - Illustration Jirina Marton, Bella's Tree by Janet Russell. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2009.
2009 English - Text Caroline Pignat, Greener Grass: The Famine Years. Calgary: Red Deer Press, 2008.
2009 French - Illustration Janice Nadeau, Harvey by Hervé Bouchard. Montreal: Éditions de la Pastèque, 2009.
2009 French - Text Hervé Bouchard, Harvey. Illustrated by Janice Nadeau. Montreal: Éditions de la Pastèque, 2009.
2008 French - Text Sylvie Desrosiers, Les trois lieues. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 2008.
2008 French - Illustration Janice Nadeau, Ma meilleure amie by Gilles Tibo. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique, 2007.
2008 English - Text John Ibbitson, The Landing. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2008.
2008 English - Illustration Stéphane Jorisch, The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2008.
2007 English - Illustration Duncan Weller, The Boy from the Sun. Vancouver: Simply Read Books, 2006.
2007 English - Text Iain Lawrence, Gemini Summer. New York: Delacorte Press, 2006.
2007 French - Illustration Geneviève Côté, La petite rapporteuse de mots by Danielle Simard. Montreal: Les éditions Les 400 coups, 2007
2007 French - Text François Barcelo, La fatigante et le fainéant. Illustrated by Anne Villeneuve. Saint-Lambert, QC: Soulières Éditeur, 2006.
2006 English - Illustration Leo Yerxa, Ancient Thunder. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2006.
2006 English - Text William Gilkerson, Pirate’s Passage. Boston: Trumpeter Books, 2006.
2006 French - Illustration Rogé, Le gros monster qui aimait trop lire by Lili Chartrand. Saint-Lambert, QC: Dominique et compagnie, 2005.
2006 French - Text Dany Laferrière, Je suis fou de Vava. Illustrated by Frédéric Normandin. Longueuil, QC: Les Éditions de la Bagnole, 2006.
2005 English - Illustration Ron Gonsalves, Imagine a Day by Sarah L. Thomson. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2004.
2005 English - Text Pamela Porter, The Crazy Man. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2005.
2005 French - Illustration Isabelle Arsenault, Le cœur de monsieur Gauguin: un conte by Marie-Danielle Croteau. Montreal: Les éditions Les 400 coups, 2004.
2005 French - Text Camille Bouchard, Le ricanement des hyenas. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 2004.
2004 English - Illustration Stéphane Jorisch, Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2004.
2004 English - Text Kenneth Oppel, Airborn. Toronto: HarperCollins Canada, 2004.
2004 French - Illustration Janice Nadeau, Nul poisson où aller by Marie-Francine Hébert. Montreal: Les éditions Les 400 coups, 2003.
2004 French - Text Nicole Leroux, L’Hiver de Léo Polatouche. Illustrated by Sophie Lewandowski. Montreal: Les Éditions du Boréal, 2003.
2003 English - Text Glen Huser, Stitches. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2003.
2003 French - Illustration Virginie Egger, Recette d’éléphant à la sauce vieux pneu by Carole Tremblay. Montreal: Les éditions Les 400 coups, 2002.
2003 French - Text Danielle Simard, J’ai vendu ma soeur. Saint-Lambert, QC: Soulières Éditeur, 2002.
2003 English- Illustration Allen Sapp, The Song Within My Heart. Illustrated by David Bouchard. Vancouver: Raincoast Books, 2002.
2002 English - Illustration Wallace Edwards, Alphabeasts. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2002.
2002 English - Text Martha Brooks, True Confessions of a Heartless Girl. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2002.
2002 French - Illustration Luc Melanson, Le grand voyage de Monsieur by Gilles Tibo. Saint-Lambert, QC: Dominique et compagnie, 2002.
2002 French - Text Helene Vachon, L’oiseau de passage. Saint-Lambert: Dominique et compagnie, 2002.
2001 English - Illustration Mireille Levert, An Island in the Soup. Toronto: Groundwood Books/Douglas & McIntyre, 2001.
2001 English - Text Arthur Slade, Dust. Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, 2001.
2001 French - Illustration Bruce Roberts, Fidèles éléphants by Yukio Tsuchiya, translated by Michèle Marineau. Montreal: Les éditions Les 400 coups, 2001.
2001 French - Text Christiane Duchesne, Jomusch et le troll des cuisines. Saint-Lambert, QC: Dominique et compagnie, 2001.
2000 English - Illustration Marie-Louise Gay, Yuck, a Love Story by Don Gillmor. Toronto: Stoddart Kids, 2000.
2000 English - Text Deborah Ellis, Looking for X. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1999.
2000 French - Illustration Anne Villeneuve, L’Écharpe rouge by Anne Villeneuve. Montreal: Les éditions Les 400 coups, 2000.
2000 French - Text Charlotte Gongras, Une été de Jade. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 2000.
1999 English - Illustration Gary Clement, The Great Poochini. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1999.
1999 English - Text Rachna Gilmore, A Screaming Kind of Day. Markham, ON: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1999.
1999 French - Illustration Stéphane Jorisch, Charlotte et l'île du destin. Montreal: Les éditions Les 400 coups, 1999.
1999 French - Text Charlotte Gingras, La Liberté? Connais pas... Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 1999.
1998 English - Illustration Kady MacDonald Denton, A Child's Treasury of Nursery Rhymes. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1998.
1998 English - Text Janet Lunn, The Hollow Tree. Toronto: Knopf Canada, 1997.
1998 French - Illustration Pierre Pratt, Monsieur Ilétaitunefois by Rémy Simard. Toronto: Annick Press, 1998.
1998 French - Text Angèle Delaunois, Variations sure un même & laqnot'aime. St. Lambert, QC: Les Éditions Héritage, 1997.
1997 English - Illustration Barbara Reid, The Party. Richmond Hill, ON: North Winds Press, 1997.
1997 English - Text Kit Pearson, Awake and Dreaming. Toronto: Viking, 1996.
1997 French - Illustration Stéphane Poulin, Poil de serpent, dent d'araignée by Danielle Marcotte. Montreal: Les éditions Les 400 coups, 1996.
1997 French - Text Michel Noël, Pien. Waterloo, QC: Éditions Michel Quintin, 1997.
1996 English - Illustration Eric Beddows, The Rooster’s Gift by Pam Conrad. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1996.
1996 English - Text Paul Yee, Ghost Train. Illustrated by Harvey Chan. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1996.
1996 French - Text Gilles Tibo, Le Secret de Madame Lumbago. Illustrated by Louise-Andrée Laliberté. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique, 1996.
1995 English - Illustration Ludmila Zeman, The Last Quest of Gilgamesh. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1995.
1995 English - Text Tim Wynne-Jones, The Maestro. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1995.
1995 French - Illustration Anouchka Gravel Galouchko, Sho et les dragons d'eau. Toronto: Annick Press, 1995.
1995 French - Text Sonia Sarfati, Comme une peau de chagrin. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 1995.
1994 English - Illustration Murray Kimber, Josepha: A Prairie Boy's Story by Jim McGugan. Red Deer, AB: Red Deer College Press, 1994.
1994 English - Text Julie Johnston, Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me. Toronto: Lester Publishing, 1994.
1994 French - Illustration Pierre Pratt, Mon chien est un éléphant by Rémy Simard. Toronto: Annick Press, 1994.
1994 French - Text Suzanne Martel, Une belle journée pour mourir. Saint-Laurent, QC: Les Éditions Fides, 1993.
1993 English - Illustration Mireille Levert, Sleep Tight, Mrs. Ming by Sharon Jennings. Toronto: Annick Press, 1993.
1993 English - Text Tim Wynne-Jones, Some of the Kinder Planets. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1993.
1993 French - Illustration Stéphane Jorisch, Le Monde selon Jean de... by André Vandal. Montreal: Doutre et Vandal, Éditeurs, 1993.
1993 French - Text Michele Marineau, La Route de Chlifa. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec-Amérique, 1993.
1992 English - Illustration Ron Lightburn, Waiting for the Whales by Sheryl McFarlane. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, 1991.
1992 English - Text Julie Johnston, Hero of Lesser Causes. Toronto: Lester Publishing, 1992.
1992 French - Illustration Gilles Tibo, Simon et la ville de carton. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1992.
1992 French - Text Christiane Duchesne, Victor. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec-Amérique, 1992.
1991 English - Illustration Joanne Fitzgerald, Dr. Kiss Says Yes by Teddy Jam. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1991.
1991 English - Text Sarah Ellis, Pick-Up Sticks. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1991.
1991 French - Illustration Sheldon Cohen, Un champion by Roch Carrier. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1991
1991 French - Text Francois Gravel, Deux heures et demie avant Jasmine. Montreal: Les Éditions du Boréal, 1991.
1990 English - Illustration Paul Morin, The Orphan Boy by Tololwa Mollel. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1990.
1990 English - Text Michael Bedard, Redwork. Toronto: Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1990.
1990 French - Illustration Pierre Pratt, Les fantaisies de l'oncle Henri by Benedicte Froissart. Toronto: Annick Press, 1990.
1990 French - Text Christiane Duchesne, La vraie histoire du chien de Clara Vic. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec Amérique, 1990.
1989 English - Illustration Robin Muller, The Magic Paintbrush. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1989.
1989 English - Text Diana Wieler, Bad Boy. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1989.
1989 French - Illustration Stéphane Poulin, Benjamin et la saga des oreillers. Toronto: Annick Press, 1989
1989 French - Text Charles Monpetit, Temps mort. Montreal: Éditions Paulines, 1989.
1988 English - Illustration Kim LaFave, Amos's Sweater by Janet Lunn. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1988.
1988 English - Text Welwyn Wilton Katz, The Third Magic. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1988.
1988 French - Illustration Philippe Béha, Les Jeux de Pic-Mots. Boucherville, QC: Les Publications Graficor, 1988.
1988 French - Text Michele Marineau, Cassiopee ou l'été. Montreal: Les Éditions Québec-Amérique, 1988.
1987 English - Illustration Marie-Louise Gay, Rainy Day Magic. Toronto: Stoddart Publishing, 1987.
1987 French - Illustration Darcia Labrosse, Venir au monde by Marie-Francine Hébert. Montreal: Les Éditions de la Courte Échelle, 1987.
1987 English - Text Morgan Nyberg, Galahad Schwartz and the Cockroach Army. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1987.
1987 French - Text David Schinkel and Yves Beauchesne, Le Don. Montreal: Le Cercle du Livre de France, 1987.
1958 Juvenile Literature Edith Sharpe, Nkwala. Toronto: Little, Brown and Co., 1958.
1957 Juvenile Literature Kerry Wood, The Great Chief. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1957.
1956 Juvenile Literature Farley Mowat, Lost in the Barrens. Toronto: Little, Brown and Co., 1956.
1955 Juvenile Literature Kerry Wood, The Map-Maker. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1955.
1954 Juvenile Literature Marjorie Campbell, The Nor'Westers. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1954.
1953 Juvenile Literature John F. Hayes, Rebels Ride at Night. Toronto: Copp, Clark, 1953.
1952 Juvenile Literature Marie McPhedran, Cargoes on the Great Lakes. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1952.
1951 Juvenile Literature John F. Hayes, A Land Divided. Toronto: Copp, Clark, 1951.
1950 Juvenile Literature Donalda Dickie, The Great Adventure. Toronto: Dent, 1950.
1949 Juvenile Literature Richard Lambert, Franklin of the Arctic: A Life of Adventure. Maps by Julius Griffith. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1949.